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Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan Review

Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan

I was offered a chance to review the NEW Ozeri Brezza Oscillating Velocity 10″ Desk Fan as part of a wonderful group of bloggers “The Pitch List” and I jumped on it! My reason was my husband needs to have the house feeling cold when he goes to sleep. The Air Conditioner is on, but he still needs that extra blast of cold!  LOL We had a fan, but it was a regular fan, so I thought this fan has to be much better than the $12 one we already had.

When we received the fan, we put it in the bedroom and quickly realized just how much cooler air this fan put out!  I am very happy I was able to get this fan for my husband. It’s awesome!  My face is so COLD at night when we go to bed. It feels like it’s winter in our bedroom.  We live in the south and this summer is HOT!  Heat index is as high as 110 degrees. So, with all this heat, who wouldn’t want to be in a nice cool/cold environment? We love it!

Here’s a little secret ~ Since putting this fan in our bedroom, I’ve gotten some of the best sleep, like I do when it’s winter! 🙂

I told my sister and her partner about the fan and they came over to see it.  They thought it was pretty awesome how it oscillates up and down as well as side by side!  An ordinary fan does not do that!  Yep this fan is pretty awesome!

I highly recommend this fan.  You may think a 10″ fan would not put out enough air, but this little baby does!  You can purchase the Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan for $35.99 shipped (Free Shipping) from Amazon.com

It was a pleasure to do this review. Be sure to check out all the Ozeri Digital Lifestyle items or you can visit their website at ozeri.com to check out all their other products available for the bathroom, kitchen, health and fitness and more! You will be glad you did.

Ozeri Brezza Fan Description

Boasting an elegant design, 90 degree oscillation, 3 motor speeds, and the lowest noise output in its class, the Ozeri Brezza 10″ Desk Fan is one of the most effective and inexpensive means of overcoming summer heat or simply refreshing a stale room. The Ozeri Brezza’s oscillating feature liberates you from having to move or turn the fan to change the airflow direction. With the push of button on the easy access front control panel, the Ozeri Brezza 10″ Desk Fan provides automatic 90 degree oscillation for maximum air circulation that ensures the cooling airflow is evenly distributed to reduce hot spots. The Brezza can also be adjusted up to 90 degrees on its vertical axis to customize upward ai flow. The 3 speeds allow you to choose between a cool breeze, refreshing wind, or a more powerful stream of air. The Ozeri Brezza 10″ Desk Fan ships fully assembled with a convenient carrying handle, and weighs under 5 lbs for easy transporting.

Product Features
  • Compact, yet powerful with an ultra-quiet 90 degree oscillating motor designed to cool an entire room more efficiently than non-oscillating fans.
  • Front-controls provide easy-access to choose between oscillation mode for maximum air circulation or non-oscillation mode for directed airflow.
  • Aerodynamically designed for the lowest dB noise rating while providing air circulation at 3 different speeds.
  • Adjustable front pivots up to 90 degrees upwards and locks in place for precisely directed airflow.
  • Boasts a sophisticated and stylish space-saving design that complements and enhances room decor. Ships assembled. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Disclosure: I was provided the Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan  ($40 value) mentioned above in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was exchanged and our opinion of this product is entirely our own.  Please read our policies Here.

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  1. I have never seen a fan that oscillates up and down AND side to side. Sounds like it works well for you and your husband. Thanks for the review.

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