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OSKA Pulse PEMF Pain Relief Device

Do Mom and/or Dad have pain they can’t get rid of? Give them the gift of health and a pain free life with an Oska Pulse, health tech wearable. A revolutionary pain relief device that’s a non-drug option to combat pain– great for women (and men) of all ages who have aches and pains (back, knee, muscle, joint) to chronic pain (fibro) looking to find relief.  I received one in exchange for inclusion to my Mother’s day and Father’s day gift guides.
Oska Pulse
Oska Pulse optimizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), allowing people to live a more active, pain-free lifestyle. It’s small (the size of a cell phone), portable, drug free and has no side effects.  Unlike TENS, you won’t “feel” any pulsing or tingling when using Oska Pulse. The optimized PEMF is intended for you to “feel nothing,” although some people do notice a slight warming of the afflicted area due to increased blood flow. By assisting the release of the body’s natural endorphins, Oska Pulse can reduce pain and promote increased range of motion. It helps dilate blood vessels, which can reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.
Oska Pulse
An alternative to prescription medication: More than 70 Americans die every day from prescription opioid overdoses. With Oska Pulse, people can take control of their pain and enjoy a more active lifestyle without the dangers of drugs, and without a physician’s prescription. Oska Pulse is great for recovery after workouts, Pilates, yoga, running, tennis, golf, travel, working all day on your feet. The device is ergonomically designed and fits anywhere on your body. Designed to address areas of the body most susceptible to injury or degeneration.
Oska Pulse
Noteworthy: Released in 2016, the OSKA Pulse received the 2017 Tech.Co Startup of the Year and has been successfully trialed among US Special Forces.

This is not a TENS device and does not provide immediate relief – consistent use is required. Instead of just blocking pain, Oska Pulse works at the cellular level to provide longer term pain relief, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

The Oska Pulse is $399.00 and available for purchase on Amazon or oskawellness.com

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