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Oransi Fridge Air Purifier Review

Last month we were asked to do a review on the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier. We were happy to accept the offer.  We live in a hurricane prone state, and figured it couldn’t hurt to have this in case we get hit and have the fridge off for a few days like we did for Hurricane Isaac last year. Plus, at one time or another we all have a smelly fridge. 😉

Oransi is a company that creates air purifying solutions to help you keep your home fresh, clean and pure. The Oransi Fridge Air Purifier is small (about the size of a small cup), unobtrusive inside your fridge, quiet (absolutely no noise comes from the purifier), filterless ( no filters that need replacing).  The Oransi Fridge Purifier runs on AA batteries that last from 45-90 days.  It’s truly effective in the removal of bacteria and odors lingering in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh. It’s super user-friendly too. Just one push of a button and you’re all set!

We have been trying out the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier for about a month, and we are super pleased! For Memorial Day, my husband got some Vidalia Onions and chopped them up and put them in a ziploc baggie, then put them in the refrigerator.  Talk about a strong smell!  The Oransi fridge air purifier went to work and fast, by the next day, I couldn’t even smell the onions, that was awesome!


These make great gifts and I know it’s a bit early, but they are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

About the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier

The Oransi Ionic Fridge air purifier cleans the air in your refrigerator so it smells amazing

Top 10 ionic fridge air purifier features that delight:
1. Save money – for starters there are no replacement filters and nothing to clean.  The air purifier uses 2 AA batteries that require replacement approximately every 90 days.  Built-in micro processor controls the operation of the air purifier so it will cycle on and off to save battery life.

2. Silent – no fans.

3. Intuitive.

4. Effective in the removal of odors and bacteria to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and your food fresher.

5. Conveniently fits anywhere in your refrigerator.

6. Attractive neutral color and cool contemporary design.

7. Easy operating instructions:

  • Turn it on
  • Freshen your refrigerator

8. Patented Piezo-electric technology:  allows for a high negative ion output to freshen your refrigerator without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.

9. Safety:  The Ionic Fridge air purifier has received safety certifications from GS and CE as well as the RoHS lead free directive.  Made of durable fire-resistant ABS materials.  Tested for ozone production by ITI (Industrial Research Technology Institute) and found to be 0.011 ppm which is 78% below FDA limits.

10. Operating costs: Ionic Fridge purifier average battery costs:  $1/month.

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Many thanks to Ria and Oransi for the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier featured in this review.

We received the Oransi Fridge Air Purifier ($30 value) mentioned above for this review. We received no monetary compensation and we were NOT required to do a favorable review. Aside from information taken from the company website, the opinions are our own. We only recommend products or services we will use personally and/or believe will be good for our readers. Our reviews and giveaways are in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+. We are in no way liable for any injuries that may result because of use or misuse of any product we recommend. Our opinion of this product is entirely our own. For more information please read our policies Here.

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