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Oliver the Ornament Cherished Christmas Tradition

Do you have a cherished Christmas tradition?  I do. I had a tradition with my daughter, where she received a special ornament every year. When she was growing up, McDonald’s use to have special ornaments in their happy meals….Little Mermaid, The rescuers and a few others, then when that ended, I just bought her 1 ornament every year and it carried on until 2013 when she was pregnant, the last ornament was a pregnant snowwoman. Now I carried the tradition over to my granddaughter and I am marking the boxes so she will know how old they are and when she got them.

I bet that you have your own cherished Christmas tradition with special ornaments. And maybe you’ll tell your grandchildren the stories of how you got them and why they mean so much to you.

Todd M. Zimmermann has written a heart-warming story about an ornament named Oliver. Oliver was the very first ornament purchased by a couple. Every year, they lovingly put him on their Christmas tree and fondly remembered how the ornament came into their lives.

Oliver the Ornament is a heartwarming tale of one family’s cherished Christmas ornaments

Each book in the Oliver the Ornament series has three main themes. Those themes include:

  • tells the story of how the ornaments entered the family’s collection
  • teaches children the important message of kindness, especially in the face of bullying
  • Each book ends with a great cliff-hanger, which excites the children for what’s to come

Part of Oliver’s story revolves around being bullied. It can be a great springboard for discussions with your children/grandchildren about bullying. You can use it help them understand that kindness is always in season and bullying is never good.

  • Oliver the Ornament
  • Approximate Size: Book- 3.75 inches tall 
  • Hand-painted Ornament
  • Beautifully illustrated book
  • Packaged in a beautiful keepsake gift box

Oliver the Ornament is the first of the 7-book series focusing on the Nelson family’s collection of ornaments and their stories. Oliver has been with the family since Mom and Dad’s very first date. Years later, Oliver, now injured and bullied, still has the magic of Christmas in his heart. The story follows Oliver’s excitement for Christmas, his heartbreak, and his determination to overcome all odds to save the day. Oliver, along with his friends, will warm your heart with his kindness, humility and lover for his family and friends.  It’s a story that will bring families together to tell stories of their own ornaments and the special meaning that so many of them possess.

Oliver the Ornament Book Series

Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle the Bell Ornament

  • Approximate Size: Book- 3.75 inches tall 
  • Hand-painted Ornament
  • Packaged in a beautiful keepsake gift box

This is the second in a seven-book series.  Oliver the Ornament has lots of friends (well ornament friends), unfortunately this wasn’t always true.  And there was a point, when Oliver did not have any true ornament friends.  In this story, Oliver tells his friends about how he met Belle for the first time.  The book actually has two stories in one, because while Oliver is telling the story about Belle, we also get to hear more about the trouble the family ornaments are having with a naughty ornament named Nellie.  Nellie is trying to ruin Christmas, but Oliver and his ornament friends try to help Nellie see the joys of Christmas.  This gift set includes a copy of the book and a Belle ornament.

My take on the ornaments and books.

They are adorable! I can’t wait for my granddaughter to see them. The books box has like a magnetic catch on it, which is good, as you put them away for next year, no dust or breakage will happen. The ornaments are cute as can be. They’re also light weight so you don’t have to worry about it falling off the tree due to being heavy. The graphics in the books are clear and nicely designed. I love that the books teach kids about bullying. My granddaughter was teased at the beginning of the school year and we dealt with it, but she’s 5 and there is no way she should have experienced that at this early of an age.

On the day after Thanksgiving the “ELF on the SHELF” dolls come out and one of these will be a gift from her elf, and a few days later, the other one will be another gift. This way she will have them before decorating the tree. These will be included in her cherished Christmas tradition and ornaments collection.

Their website is filled with tons of projects for your family to experience together. Want to see more? Head on over to their website and click on any of the ornaments at the top to find tons of fun projects. Oliver the Ornament also offers fundraising tools, and please click here to buy your own copy of Oliver the Ornament.

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