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The Christmas Tradition of Oliver the Ornament Books

Do you have a cherished Christmas tradition with your kids? I do. I started a tradition with my daughter when she was growing up. McDonald’s use to have special ornaments in their happy meals….Little Mermaid, The rescuers and a few others, then when that ended, I just bought her 1 ornament every year and it carried on until 2013 when she was pregnant. Now in 2013 she was 31 yrs old, so that tradition lasted a long time! The last ornament was more special than all the others, it was a pregnant snowwoman, as she was having my granddaughter in July of 2014. Now the tradition has carried over to my granddaughter and I am marking the boxes so she will know how old they are and when she got them. Another tradition we started last year (she was 5) is special books. Have you heard of the Oliver the Ornament books? Well here’s a little something about them.

Oliver the Ornament Book

Oliver the Ornament is a seven-book series that celebrates the tradition of ornaments. Named by People Magazine as one of their Best New Books, Oliver is quickly becoming a favorite holiday tradition. Free Digital Copy and Shipping – Oliver the Ornament is a heartwarming Christmas-series about one family’s collection of ornaments. Discover the Magic of Oliver the Ornament

Well, are you going to start the tradition with Oliver the Ornament Books?

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