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New Skylanders Superchargers Review #holidaygiftguide2015

new skylanders superchargers

Skylands is in peril! Kaos has unleashed his most evil weapon yet – the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction. With all of Skylands on the verge of collapse, a special team called the SuperChargers has been assembled to pilot an unstoppable fleet of incredible vehicles. Now you and the SuperChargers must embark on epic adventures over land, under sea, and through the sky to stop Kaos and save Skylands!

new skylanders superchargers

Kick your adventure into overdrive with Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack for Wii U
  • -Skylanders SuperChargers Video Game
  • -New Portal of Power
  • -2 Skylanders SuperChargers – Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Super Shot Stealth Elf
  • -1 Skylanders Vehicle
  • -Collection Poster

As an added bonus, the Wii U version includes a Donkey Kong figure that doubles as an Amiibo but is limited to Wii U games only.

New Skylanders Superchargers Review New Skylanders Superchargers Review

Skylanders is a good game for the whole family to play. My son in law is a big fan of all the Skylanders games, and in his opinion, the new Skylanders Superchargers is the best Skylanders game so far.

He likes how Activision kept the game fresh and introduced vehicles into the series. In the game not only can you buy upgrades for your characters but you can also buy upgrades for the vehicles. There is a lot of things you can do in the game even after the game has been beaten.  The actual action figures themselves are even really cool, and the vehicles aren’t just for the game, they can also be used for kids to play with. The wheels or the fins actually move on the vehicles which makes playing with them fun.

The game has been designed with all new levels. You play half the game in vehicle mode and half the game on land with your Skylanders Characters. The story line is all new and fun as well.   Activison has made the game even better by enabling online multiplayer play,  so  you can race other people around the world. He recommends this game to anyone who has kids or for families to play together as it is a very fun and entertaining game for people of all ages to play.

new skylanders superchargers battle new skylanders superchargers fly new skylanders superchargers ride

You can purchase the new Skylanders Superchargers game at basically any store and you can purchase the game and characters on Amazon as well! This will make an awesome gift for any gamer or anyone just getting into video games.

Thank you Activision for allowing my son-in-law to review this game.  He was very happy to receive and play the game.  He thinks his mom-in-law is so cool! 🙂

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