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It’s exciting to have a little one and going through all the firsts. I wanted to share a bit of Holiday Advice to any new parents and/or parents who are just now going through all the firsts with their child born earlier in the year. Hopefully you’ll find some advice to help you out.

I remember when I had my daughter, she was born 8 days before Christmas, so I really didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for her 1st. LOL It was a little stressful because the DR said once I got home and up the stairs I couldn’t leave home because I had to heal. I actually begged the DR not to put me under house arrest! LOL He agreed I could go to my sisters as long as I didn’t overdo the stairs, which I agreed to.

Holiday Advice

A little Holiday Advice if your little one is due anytime between now and Christmas. Don’t stress anything. It will be OK! Family is there to help you out! Yep those are all the right things that are said and I heard them too! LOL

The Holiday season is a wonderful and extremely stressful time of the year! Could there be anything better than sharing that with your new bundle of joy? Having a newborn can turn your life upside down in a lot of ways. But take it from people who have been there, you can make it through the holidays.

Outsource What You Can

If you normally host a big holiday dinner, ask a family member or a good friend if they can host it this year or perhaps order in. Know your limits and know when to call in a little extra help.

Bring Baby Along for the Ride

Once your little one is big enough to leave the house, she’s at the glorious age where you can strap her in a car seat or carrier and take her anywhere, including shopping. This is how the child will learn to behave in the store. If you always ask someone to babysit you will run into a huge problem when you do bring them with you.

Supplies should be everywhere and anywhere

Taking a new baby on the road means you need to be ready for anything. Preparation is vital. Diaper bags, wipes, extra clothes and bottles need to be fully stocked and kept nearby at all times. You should also have an extra pair of clothes for you because you never know when you’ll need to change. That happened to me shopping with granddaughter for her 1st Christmas. Stash diapers and a wipes dispenser wherever you can (diaper bag, car, carry on) to make sure you always have supplies on hand.

Work as a Team

When it comes to navigating the holidays, it needs to be a team effort. Make sure you’re on the same page as your partner and you both talk through possibilities and agree before walking in somewhere. For instance, discuss beforehand when you want to leave a party, and if one parent wants to stay late, know that plan in advance.

I hope this Holiday Advice helps with your 1st holiday with your new baby. Enjoy the holidays and relax. Your baby is only a baby once, don’t miss any part of it. My granddaughter is 5 and I enjoy every moment I get for the holidays with her.

Do you have any advice you would like to share? I’m excited to hear them.

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