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Friends Fun Wine Low Calories & Refreshing Flavor

Hey guys, I’m happy to tell you about a new wine, it’s called FUN WINE! LOL Friends Fun Wine is the pioneer of low-alcohol based beverages and they have just launched their newest bottle design for their most popular, bold, refreshing flavors including Sangria,Strawberry Moscato, and Coconut Chardonnay.

Those who know me, know I love a good glass of wine while relaxing with my husband watching a movie or our shows, especially over the weekend. When I received a press release about the new Friends Fun Wine flavors I was intrigued because I’ve never heard of Coconut wine, and I happen to like Strawberry and Sangria wines. I pitched and happily received all 3 bottles Red Sangria, Strawberry Moscato and Coconut Chardonnay to enjoy in exchange for inclusion to my Valentine’s Gift Guide.

I got sick with a flu like virus just after receiving the wine, I’m so happy it wasn’t the flu. So I wasn’t able to try all 3 bottles. The only one I was able to try with the Coconut Chardonnay and all I can say is YUM! I will be looking for this in my local stores. I’m just getting back to work, and I’m looking forward to trying the other 2 bottles soon.

Friends Fun Wine tapped into the ever-growing trend of unique, Instagrammable moments. They worked with world-famous graffiti artist Miguel Parades to create one-of-kind bottles that immediately become keepsakes and works-of-art. We kept our bottle and my husband is making a display shelf for them.

Fun Wine

There is one unique thing on the Friends Fun Wine bottle, they list the ingredients on their bottles. As normal the standard nutritional information is also listed. They also tell you how the wine is best served, which is chilled.

When we opened the bottle, I told my husband it smelled like a coconut snowball! When I tasted it, it was so good! It’s not sweet, it’s not sour, it’s not dry, it’s almost like a wine cooler, but better! I tasted more of the coconut flavor than a wine flavor, which was OK with me, I enjoyed it more with tasting the coconut flavor than tasting the alcohol. The ingredients are: Chardonnay wine, water, sugar, juice, carbon dioxide, flavorings, citric acid. It only has 5.5% alcohol, and is relatively low in calories (71 per 4.2 oz. serving).

About Friends Fun Wine
On December 6, 2017, Friends Beverage Group located in Miami, Florida, announced the arrival of its highly innovative line of wine drinks, branded “FRIENDS FUN WINE,” on five continents. With six delicious and bold flavors, this fast growing flavored wine drink has been a frontrunner leading the Alternative Alcohol Beverage space as a new category in the wine industry — “Fun Wine”, with a casual and delicious offering that allows consumers to enjoy wine in a new and refreshing way. Fun Wine was developed in response to the desire of millennials and female consumers seeking new experiences as their taste for alcohol evolves.

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