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Natural Pain Relief Cream NoxiCare Review

My husband has had a chronic back pain since 2009!  He had an accident at work and the workman’s comp Dr only did X Rays and pain meds then sent him back to work!  I really feel that he got bad care for this injury. I have been looking for something to help him with his pain.   When the opportunity to review Noxicare a natural pain reliever came around, I jumped on it!

Our primary Dr sent him to have an MRI and it only showed that he has arthritis!  I think my husband has a slipped disk leaning on his nerve.  However that is for a back Dr to determine and we are waiting on a referral.

Noxicare natural pain relief is made of items found in nature, with various healing properties.  It contains turmeric, willowbark, ginger, rosemary extract, holy basil, boswellia extract, and alpha lipoic acids.  I was anxious for him to try it, he’s tried Tylenol Precise, BenGay, and a few others and they didn’t work, so I was hopeful!

I put about a dime sized amount on my husbands lower back where his pain is and I rubbed it in.  What I LOVED about this product is that it was not greasy and it did not smell!   He said it did help him some, but it wasn’t a miracle cream to make the pain go away completely, just made it a little more tolerable!  My husband has found Noxicare to be a great addition to his pain pills after a hot shower when he is in pain.

Does Noxicare natural pain relief work on anything else besides back pain? YES! It is specially formulated for joint, nerve, musculoskeletal pain. It helps FIBRO! NEUROPATHY! ARTHRITIS! TENSION HEADACHES!

Last night I had a Migraine.  Nothing worked!  My neighbor gave me some of her migraine medicine that usually works, it didn’t.  Goody Powder didn’t work, so I thought what the heck, it can’t hurt to use a little Noxicare and pray it works! LOL  So I took a small amount and rubbed it on the center of the back of my neck then I took another small amount and rubbed it on my forehead!  I’m talking less than a dime sized amount in both areas.  My migraine was gone by the time I went to bed!  SO this is a miracle cream for migraines!

You can purchase Noxicare and read how it may help whatever you are hurting from here

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17 thoughts on “Natural Pain Relief Cream NoxiCare Review

  1. I would use this for tension headaches, I get them all the time and end up with terrible migraines.
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  2. If I won I would use it on my husbands arm, he has tendonitis very bad and it makes it hard to work sometimes!

  3. I am always interested in learning more about new creams. My Hubby’s back hurts sometimes. Some of the other products out there just dont do the trick. I will need to try this one out!

  4. I would love this for my dad. He suffers from severe arthritis in his shoulders and nothing seems to help him.

  5. I need this cream! I have chronic back pain and have tried so many remedies. Maybe this one will do the trick.

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