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As a blogger, you get to know a little about PR companies and reps. I work with them on a daily basis; there are some that you want to work with on a continual basis, because the relationship is fantastic; others, not so much. If you are lucky, you get to deal with someone like Nancy Behrman a pioneer in the world of PR. Nancy and Behrman Communications, has been in the business for over 30 years. Behrman Communications is a full service communications agency that specializes in beauty, health, wellness, & lifestyle.

Nancy Behrman

Nancy and Behrman communications gave an interview, and what was said doesn’t only apply to the world of PR, it applies to the blogging world as well. When asked how she chooses her clients, she said she doesn’t take clients that have unrealistic goals or want to hit it big without doing the hard work. This applies perfectly to the blogging world as well.  I am often approached by companies that want me to do a list of things. However, they aren’t appreciative of my time. They believe that I should do a lot for a little, and that isn’t how that works!

As a blogger, you have to choose who to work with, based on what they expect you to accomplish for as little as possible. She also said that you have the freedom to be creative, and take risks to make the next idea bigger and better. I think that philosophy is great for life in general.

When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I never thought about making money.  I didn’t even think that was something available to do online.  I started out looking for freebies, once I found out that existed. LOL  My first site was so that I could share everything I found with my family and friends.  Then it progressed into my becoming a product reviewer and then it became a hey, I can make money too!

When blogging first came about, people used it for self-expression of their thoughts and feelings. rather than providing useful information to their readers.

Nancy also has a great blog, where she discusses ways to increase your revenue into the millions; to SEO techniques; and even why dental care is important when building your brand image. I look forward to getting to know more about Nancy Behrman; I will definitely be catching up on her blog! You can find Nancy on Instagram!

Companies/Brands are catching on quickly and can hugely benefit from working with influencers/bloggers for the following reasons:

  1. Authenticity. Influencers and Bloggers can help deliver an authentic opinion and provide honest feedback about the product, similar to conducting a focus group.
  2. Audience. Bloggers have the potential to reach a broader audience meaning more exposure for the brand and a greater online presence.
  3. Engagement. Bloggers can help drive engagement to the brand that they would otherwise miss out on through shares, likes, and comments.
  4. High quality content. Many brands are re-purposing blogger information such as photography and videos and using it for their own marketing purposes (with permission of course).


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