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My Photo Personalized Memory Ring @CreationSource

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Creation Source for TheBloggerConnection.com. All opinions are my own!

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Photo Personalized Memory Ring

Photo Personalized Memory Ring

When I first found out about this Loving Memories Photo Personalized Memory Ring, I knew I wanted to be selected for it.  I wanted this ring badly.  Why? Because it is a memory ring and it would make it easier to share those special memories instead of pulling out pictures! LOL

I’ve got lots of memories, and  I’ve got a ton of pictures. The photos are on my phone, and on face book, and I’ve got several pictures in frames.  I don’t have all my photo books, Hurricane Katrina destroyed them 🙁 In  2009 I got married to who I thought was the most loving and wonderful man in the world and now I could save my loving memories captured in a photo personalized memory ring! All I had to do was hand-pick photos for it!

Here are a few shots of the photo’s in my ring. The first one is of us exchanging rings!
Photo Personalized Memory Ring

Everyone who knows me knows I don’t like having photos taken of me. But on that day, I couldn’t stop it and why would I being the second best day in my life, right?  I’ve got a ton of pics!  However, selecting 8 pictures of my Loving Memories was an easy task.  I choose the 8 best pictures that my husband and I liked after we got the pictures back.  Nope  we didn’t have a huge wedding, simple and loving, but lots of pics!

I’ve never heard of Creation Source before this review opportunity. Now I’m a big fan! I had the choice of using color, or black and white photos, and I chose both. 4 colored photos of my wedding and 4 black and white photos of the reception. 

The ring may not be perfect, (It’s hand made and each one will have little nicks, and things of that nature. It’s made out of metal and jewelers resin.) but I love it and those who have seen it all said it’s beautiful! This #LovingMemories photo personalized memory ring is an unique item that would make an excellent Christmas gift for that special family member in your life!

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