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Mossy Bayou Foods Southern Cajun Goodies Gift Box

I am so excited to share with everyone a company from “Down South” that sells some excellent CAJUN Products.  Their name is Mossy Bayou Foods .  Mossy Bayou Foods is a Louisiana specialty foods company with several products that appeal to those seeking zesty and exciting flavor experiences.  We southerners love spice in our foods!  Some of us can’t tolerate it and well, that is when ya know ya getting older! 😀  The nice folks at Mossy Bayou Foods were kind enough to send me a Cajun Goodies Gift Box to review.

The Cajun Goodies Gift Box contains 4 uniquely Southern Cajun products.

Louisiana Swamp Scum Hotsauce

Bayou Blend Seasoning

Louisiana Popcorn Rice

Cajun Chow-Chow

Price: $16.50

Leading the product line-up is the award-winning LOUISIANA SWAMP SCUM HOT SAUCE. This unique sauce earned a First Place Award in the 2002 FieryFood challenge, sponsored by Chile Pepper Magazine. The hot sauce, developed from an old Cajun recipe, has a delicious smoke flavor and stands alone with its dark “swamp-green” color.

This is very good!  The smokey flavor, mixed with the bite of vinegar and spicy peppers goes well with many things….including beans 🙂    This sauce really does look like the name!

Bayou Blend Seasoning is a special blend of Cajun spices, with an added Mexican Accent. It does not contain salt or MSG.  We used the seasoning on bacon wrapped steaks!  When you open the bottle the smell hits ya and your stomach says YUM!  AWESOME and Delicious!  The seasoning does have some spice to it, but not over powering.

I was amazed upon opening my gift box.  I could smell popcorn and was excited to find the bag of Popcorn Rice. Louisiana Popcorn Rice is out of this world. It is a gourmet rice, grown in South Louisiana, with the unique light flavor and aroma of fresh popcorn. 100% Natural. When my daughter was small, we use to have popcorn rice all the time! I was so upset when I couldn’t find it in the stores. My daughter really didn’t like rice except for that one kind! lol I was happy to prepare some for my husband and I. It wasn’t too sticky and still had a great texture.  It had just a hint of popcorn flavor and a slight sweetness, that kept making me and my husband go back for more 😀

The last item in the gift box was Original Cajun Chow-Chow.  Like Mossy Bayou Foods says….It’s a “relish with an attitude”.  It is made with green Cayenne peppers, onions, garlic, salt and a special blend of spices.

It was too spicy for me, but my husband LOVES IT!  He just dips a spoon into the jar, and takes a bite or 2 and smiles.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this gift box came packaged.  It was ready to be wrapped and given as a gift.  I am so glad I had this opportunity to try these new products

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