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Hi! I’m Sandra, the Modern Grandma behind Modern Day Gramma a New Orleans Grandmas Blog. I]m a fun loving, Tech Savvy Grandma who loves to share what I find no matter if it’s a new product, a great deal, a new recipe, or a funny meme.

My husband Brian and I live in Kenner, Louisiana which is about 10 miles outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. We have 1 beautiful daughter and a beautiful, smart and very independent 4 year old granddaughter. I’m married to one of the most fantastic men in the world!  Ladies, he helps with housework! HE COOKS and does LAUNDRY TOO! 🙂

Modern Day Gramma a New Orleans Grandmas Blog

Modern Day Gramma was established in February of 2016, I used the name Gramma instead of Grandma because my granddaughter calls me Gram Ma which is a Modern Day Grandma Name! 🙂 If you are a local reader, we hope to become your favorite New Orleans lifestyle Blog or NOLA Grandma Blog.

If you like reading about product reviews, getting freebies, learning new recipes, entering giveaways or just finding interest in other people, Modern Day Gramma (MDG) is the blog for you!  Bloggers, I post blogger opps and tips from time to time too!  I love sharing things ♥  Local grandma’s, it would be my honor to be a favorite Louisiana Grandma Blog!

I also give my opinion on life (Gramma’s Views) and share stories about my family (especially my granddaughter) and I toss in freebies, giveaways and a few other things.  I guess you could include Modern Day Gramma (MDG) in the class of a New Orleans Moms blog, or a New Orleans Grandmas Blog, after all I am a mom and a grandma. 

PR people, are you looking for a Product Review Mom? You’ve found her! I have 8 years experience in Product Reviewing. I appreciate that companies value my (and/or my family’s) opinion on their products. Check out our product reviews.  I would love it if Modern Day Gramma would be added to be your favorite Nola Product Review Blog list.

LOVE fashion and Beauty? I post that too, be sure to include us in your favorite New Orleans Fashion & Beauty Blog lists.

I love being a blogger and all the perks it has given me and my family!

Modern Day Gramma a New Orleans Grandmas Blog
My Granddaughter (Gracen) and I at Audubon Zoo Flamingo Exhibit.

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