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Mission Belt Co. Nylon Belt Collection Review #MissionBelt

Nylon Belt

Before starting this review, I want to apologize to Mission Belt for the delay.  I’ve been MIA on the blog due to hurting my right arm which is my dominate side.  I couldn’t move my arm to do much of anything for a few weeks!

Nylon Belt

When my husband was in need of another belt for work, I got very aggravated because he had only had it for a few weeks!   This is why when I was approached by Mission Belt Co, I gladly accepted.

After buying numerous belts for my husband to wear to work, I was tired of wasting money!  I was also very aggravated with them breaking after a small amount of time! I mean come on, the belts sold in the store are crap now days!  Mission belts are so very different and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work with them on this review.

My husband was very happy to try out the NYLON Belt Collection. He requested a custom belt which was the Storm colored belt with the Gunmetal buckle. It really looks nice. He’s happy that he can wear it to work or around the house.

Nylon Belt

My husband loves his new belt! He loves the fact that he can easily adjust the belt without it being totally noticeable that he’s doing it! He highly recommends the belt. He said that the Mission belt is the most comfortable belt he’s ever worn to work.

More about Mission Belt and the Nylon Collection:
With a Mission belt, you are guaranteed a comfortable fit! Never too tight or too loose, always just the right fit! The concept of the mission belt is amazing and so easy to use. The nylon belt is 40 mm wide. These belts are constructed with a durable nylon webbing strap and a matte finish buckle. This fusion of functionality and style utilizes Mission Belt’s track system, a core feature of your favorite no-holes belt.

There are seven nylon belts in this collection and five buckles to choose from. There are five size choices: Small – (up to 32″) Medium – (up to 35″) Large ( up to 38″) Xtra Large – (up to 42″) and Custom (up to 56″). A Custom belt is when you pick the NYLON belt in the color you like, then pick a buckle of your choice. Yep it’s as easy as that! Now do you think it will be easy to choose? Wasn’t that easy for my husband at all! LOL He spent at least 15 minutes looking at the selections then finally came up with a combo he liked.

The Mission Belt Co. sells more then just the NYLON Belt Collection. They also sell Leather belts, 3 Stripe Buckle, Sports and Kids Belts ! Check out their other collections HERE. You can also read our review on the Mission Leather Belt we did last year.

Each belt no matter what collection is crafted the same way. They have the coolest locking system. Check out this video to see how it works. I was amazed when my boyfriend opened the box and took out his belt. It’s so easy to get it to lock and STAY in place. Then when you need your belt off, it’s just one quick click and it slides off the buckle. You can even make your belt shorter if need be.

Mission Belt Co. not only sells the best belts, they also help different charities!  When you buy a Mission Belt you become a part of a great philanthropic effort called THE MISSION. Every time you purchase a belt, $1 dollar will go to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending.

The Nylon Belt Collection starts at $29.95 and is available online and at select retail stores.

Connect with Mission Belt:

Looking for that PERFECT gift for the man in your life? Get them a MISSION BELT CO. Belt. I guarantee he will love it!

These belts would make great Birthday, Holiday Gifts and would definitely be appreciated for Back to College or School Gifts!

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