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Mission Belt #Review ~ Guaranteed Comfort Leather Belt! #MissionBelt

Mission Belt

Mission Belt as seen on Shark Tank: Guaranteed Comfort Leather Belt for Men

What is up with the quality of belts you buy in the store? My husband was in need of a new belt, so I bought him 2, one for work, one for dress and I was shocked when the work belt broke within a week so he needed to use the dress belt for work. When I was offered the chance to work with Mission Belt to get him a ratchet belt, I jumped at the chance!

Mission Belt

What is a Mission Belt?
The Mission Belt is a ratchet belt. It uses a magnet on the back of the buckle to lock a metal peg into a rail of teeth that catches the peg. This way the ratchet belt makes a perfect fit without putting holes in the leather. The end result is a belt that fits perfectly every time you wear it. Since there are no holes our ratchet belts last much longer than traditional belts. A ratchet belt is a great way to hold up your pants!

Every Mission Belt is made from durable materials that make other ratchet belts seem cheap. They only use the highest quality materials which is why their belts last so long. The Mission belts come in two different widths: 35mm & 40mm. All leathers and buckles are interchangeable but only if they are the same width. The idea is to mix and match buckles and leathers as needed. But just keep in mind you can’t use a 40MM leather on a 35MM buckle.

Mission BeltMission BeltMission Belt

As for styles and colors, they have lots of options and regularly add more. Their collections include: Solids, Gold, Kids, 3Bar, Heavy Metal, Alloys. Or just browse all their belts.

My husband loves his belt! He loves the classic look, how it feels on him and the fact that he can easily adjust the belt after eating too much! He’s told me several times, if I can get him another one, to do so! He highly recommends the belt.  It’s the most comfortable belt he’s ever worn.  Guarantee comfortable fit!  Never too tight or too loose, always just the right fit!

Mission Belt

INFO About Mission Belt Co–the unique and revolutionary no-holes leather belt company that gives back.

A little more about the company: We wear belts everyday and yet they still remain an afterthought lost in the world of accessories. Mission Belt Co is concerned solely about belts. Not only do the belts look great, fit perfect, but on top of everything, when you buy a Mission Belt you are also becoming a part of a great philanthropic effort or as we like to call it, “The Mission.” Here at Mission Belt Co, we don’t just want our customers to look good – we want them to feel good too. That’s why a dollar from every belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty. To date, over 8,500 Kiva (peer-to-peer micro lending) micro-loans have been funded from the sales of Mission Belts.

Connect with Mission Belt:

Thank you The Brand Connection for giving us the opportunity to review such a fantastic item!

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