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Minnie Mouse Crawling Baby Doll Review

Do you have a baby girl trying to crawl, but doesn’t quite get how it’s done? You may want to get her the Disney Minnie Mouse Crawling Baby Doll. It’s the perfect toy to help her learn! My granddaughter is 6 months old, she has the rocking down, still hasn’t crawled yet, but thanks to the doll, she’s figured out how to get up on all fours (hands and knees)! LOL

Disney minnie mouse crawling baby

I was so happy to receive a Toys R Us contact from a blogging friend! I pitched for an Elsa doll and for the Minnie Mouse Crawling baby doll and they agreed to work with me on a review. I was so happy! I knew I was getting something that would help my granddaughter.

I was suppose to have this review done for the holiday gift guide, but because I didn’t receive the doll until just before Christmas, I wrapped and put it under the tree. I didn’t see my granddaughter again until Christmas day. I am adding this doll to our NEW Favorite Baby items/Baby must haves list.

After Christmas, my daughter had my granddaughter on tummy time, turned on the baby Minnie Mouse Touch and Crawl doll and my granddaughter was trying to do what the doll was doing. She loves her baby Minnie Mouse.

Disney minnie mouse crawling baby

This adorable Disney Minnie Mouse Crawling baby doll encourages baby’s development of gross motor skills. With a press on Minnie’s back, your baby will hear a cute phrase followed by Minnie crawling along to a pretty tune. Minnie will crawl for the entire tune encouraging baby to crawl along with her. Minnie is soft to the touch and sized just right for baby. NOTE: You must use the switch under the battery compartment to take Minnie out of “store mode”. Perfect toy for ages 9–36 months, however you can get it for a younger baby like I did, they will like the doll just as much.


  • Soft, huggable and oh-so-lovable.
  • A gentle press on Minnie’s back activates crawling motion, music and sounds
  • Sweet voice phrases encourage Baby to crawl along
  • Encourages development of motor skills, balance and coordination
  • Introduces cause and effect
  • Surface washable
  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • Works on Carpet
  • On/Off switch under the battery compartment.

Interested in purchasing one for your little one? You can purchase the Fischer Price Disney Minnie Mouse Crawling baby doll at Toys R Us/Babies R Us, Walmart, Target, practically any store carries it and you can also order from Amazon.

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Thank you Toys R Us for working with Grandmas Wish. I hope to have a continued working relationship with y’all.

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