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Coffee Beanery Gift Basket (Mini) Review

Coffee Beanery

Y’all know I’m a coffee lover and I love to taste new coffees and so I contacted Coffee Beanery for a review!  They graciously said yes and shipped their Mini Coffee Beanery Gift Basket right away.  I hope to have more reviews from them, their products are AWESOME!

Coffee Beanery Gift Basket

Coffee Beanery has over 100 locations across the United States. Their coffees are certified Kosher Pareve*, plus all of their flavored coffees are Sugar Free, Lactose Free and Alcohol Free. *Except Crème Brulee and Sinful Sundae which are certified Kosher Dairy.

The mini gourmet gift basket ($20 value) is a sampler that includes many different flavored ground coffees such as Michigan Cherry (which turned out to be my favorite) to a more familiar flavored coffee French Vanilla (yum!)and a few snacks. This gift basket would make an excellent gift for any coffee lover for any occasion.

Coffee Beanery

Here is what this gift basket comes with:
1-1.75oz Colombian Supremo Sampler
1-1.75oz Toasted Almond Sampler
1-1.75oz Guatemalan Huehuetenango Sampler
1-1.75oz French Vanilla Sampler
1-1.75oz Michigan Cherry Sampler
1-1.75oz Hawaiian Coconut Sampler
1-2 oz Spanish Manzanilla Olives
1- Vintage Cheddar Cheese Wheel
1-2 oz Wheelers Cappuccino Pecans
1-Cocoa Tin

*All Coffee is freshly ground for Automatic Drip* Each sampler is about 1 ounce to 1.75 ounces and makes approximately one eight cup pot of coffee.

Coffee Beanery Gift Basket Review:
The first coffee we tried was the Michigan Cherry Sampler – a tribute to the state’s abundant Cherry Orchards. Indulge yourself in the tart Cherries flavor. OMG this was awesome! You could smell cherries while it was brewing and the taste, well if you love cherries, you are gonna love this flavor!

Secondly we tried the Hawaiian Coconut – Flaky, sweet coconut makes Hawaiian Coconut Flavored Coffee a delightful tropical combination. A tropical experience you can enjoy at home! I”m not a huge coconut person, but my husband seemed to like it. Coconut flavor all through it.

We also tried the olives, OMG I wish I could find them in the grocery store. They are better than Zatarain’s olives!

We also tried the Chocolate Cookie Cocoa and let me just say, it’s better than Nestle’s and Swiss Miss’s Hot Chocolate! Chocolate flavor all the way. I added a little milk to cool it off some, and it didn’t take any of the flavor away.

I didn’t get to try the rest, I got sick and had to stay away from coffee for a bit.

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