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MIA = Sick for 4 months off and on


Hi everyone,
I wanted to write and explain why I have been MIA for the past 4 months.  My apologies to you and the companies I promised to work with and/or include in my gift guides.  I couldn’t help how sick my family and I got from the end of October to this past week. It has been 4 months of hecticness.

On October 30th, my husband came home from work not feeling well. We thought it was a cold coming on. Well, a few days later, I got sick too. We ended up at the ER because he wasn’t getting better and I knew my Bronchitis was starting up on top of what I caught (cold/flu). In that visit, my husband was told he had pneumonia as well as COPD. I had Bronchitis and a cold. I received an inhaler and cough medicine. For most of November we were both sick.  We started getting better just before Thanksgiving.

In December, it was off and on with my family being sick. My granddaughter got really sick and when she is sick she is very clingy and she was clinging to me since I was helping my daughter with her. I also got sick, but it went away in a few days 🙂


Thought everyone was over being sick in January.  I got sick again 2 weeks into the new year. The Dr diagnosed me with upper respiratory and bronchitis. She prescribed a new inhaler and cough medicine. The cough never left.

On February 12th I woke up with a headache, no biggie. That Wednesday I woke up all stuffy, felt like I had fever, but didn’t have any according to the thermometer and my throat felt sore, like someone punched me. I took flu medicine and I felt a little better on Valentine’s Day. Then on Saturday I realized I could breathe but my voice was going, I could barely talk. Went to Dr on Tuesday the 19th, my nasal cavity and throat are swollen.

Today I am feeling better than was, even though my throat still feels like someone punched me.  Hopefully my family and I are on the right track to getting 100%.  I haven’t had this much trouble with my bronchitis or being sick in a very long time.  So my advice is not to ignore how you feel.  You never know if you might have something contagious or something simple.  I would have never thought my husband had pneumonia.

I’m praying being sick is over for everyone, especially my little love. I can’t stand to see my sweetheart not feeling well.

There have been posts here and there, however I do have a blogger that logs in under me and posts every now and again to help keep the blog active.  I posted a few things when I could, now I’m hoping I am back on track to working daily.

My husband has an appointment in June with the lung Dr because of the COPD.  We do not know which stage or how long he has had COPD.  My guess is about a year or so. Also March 13th is the Kidney Dr appointment as his kidney GFR level was a 45 with the last blood test.

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