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College Scholarship from Melvin Brewing for 2021

Schools have opened in spite of the high Coronavirus numbers in some states. Some think it’s great, some think schools should stay closed. No matter what you think, kids need their education, virtual or in person. High School seniors can’t miss out on their big year, even if it will be a bit different. Are they going to college in 2021? They should apply for the Melvin Brewing Scholarship.

Several years ago, a friends daughter was struggling about going to college. She did not want to take out loans because she didn’t want to be in debt for life.  So she applied for scholarships! That’s right, if you search scholarships, you will get a bunch, some only give $100 and other’s give into the $1000’s. The $1,000 Melvin Brewing Scholarship established in 2019 supports those who want to continue their education beyond high school.

Melvin Brewing believes in strengthening communities. Students are our future, and they deserve the option to explore their career of choice. College is a great way to help students determine their career paths, but can be costly.  their goal is to remove a bit of financial stress from those seeking higher education.

In July, Melvin Brewing announced their $1,000 scholarship is open for the 2021-2022 academic year. The scholarship is available to currently enrolled students at the undergraduate or graduate level. High school seniors who have been accepted to a college or university for the upcoming academic year can apply as well.


To apply for the $1,000 Melvin Brewing Scholarship students need to write a 500-word essay that answers the question, “How do you plan to use the funds from this scholarship in your journey to continue your education?

Application Deadline

March 30, 2021. 

To submit your application for the Melvin Brewing Scholarship submit your contact details and 500-word essay via the form here

Winner Selection

The winner will be contacted the first week of April 2021. The winner will have 2 weeks to respond before a runner up is selected. Once the winner’s school information is verified Melvin Brewing will submit the award money directly to their school’s financial aid department.

Privacy Policy

All applicant information will remain confidential. Winners first names and scholarship essays may be used for promotional and marketing purposes.

Scholarships are a great opportunity, however please remember scholarships are not a sure thing.  Try to find grants or some kind of financial aid to offset the cost, before taking out a loan. My daughter and son in law both have student loans. I know when they are done with college,  these loans will bury them in interest alone. Do you know of any other ways to save some money or avoid the college debt cycle?

Parents and students can save as much money as they can before enrolling in college. Every dollar you save is a dollar less that you will have to borrow. It is cheaper to save than to borrow. For example, saving $100 a month for 10 years at 6.8% interest yields $17,216. Borrowing instead of saving, however, will require payments of $198 a month for 10 years at 6.8% interest, almost twice as much.

There is an amazing article on Edvisors filled with great information. Enroll at an in-state public college. Students who receive a Bachelor’s degree from an in-state public college graduate with about 20 percent less debt than students who graduate from a private non-profit college.

Students should budget before they borrow. This will help them borrow just what they need and not treat loan limits as targets. Increasing awareness of debt will help students exercise restraint and cut spending.

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