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Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow – Give the Gift of Neck Pain Relief #Christmas2017

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Hey everyone, let’s discuss neck pain and sleeping. Do you wake up with your neck in pain from what should have been a peaceful night sleep? Do you find yourself buying pillows like every other month because the pillow that should have been comfortable, ends up being FLAT and uncomfortable? Well, I just described myself! I’ve done that for a few years! When I was approached by the mediflow pillow company to review a Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow in exchange for inclusion to my gift guide, I jumped at the chance!

Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow

When I received the Mediflow Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow I was so excited and couldn’t wait to use it. I was hoping I would wake up feeling great! I had my fingers crossed that this might be the very last pillow I’ll ever have to own. The technology for this pillow is beyond ever other pillow I’ve used or seen. This water based pillow has been recommended by doctors for years to help patients improve sleep and reduce neck pain.  Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine gave this pillow the highest ranking of all pillows tested.

The pillow, with the use of water, is filled to the exact comfort level of the individual customer.  It’s like having a custom made pillow for your specific needs. The secret is in the Mediflow pillow supportive waterbase.  Not only is this pillow fully adjustable to anyone’s choice of support. Soft, Medium, of Firm, it also provides responsive support as you sleep.   The water base adjusts as you move to maintain proper alignment of the head and neck, so you aren’t waking up and adjusting the pillow in the middle of the night!

The CombedLoft fiber is specially combed into a soft 7-foot blanket and rolled into a lofty bun to keep the fiber extra resilient and free of any lumps.  Only the Mediflow Floating Comfort pillow features a 10-year quality warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee  – now that’s an amazing testimonial to this company. They are so sure that their pillow will last for many years of comfort they are willing to offer this amazing warranty.

The Mediflow Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow is hypoallergenic and can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle/delicate cycle. You can leave the water in the Mediflow Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow for up to one year without changing it.  Ranked best in a Johns Hopkins Clinical Study for sleep and neck pain reduction. 300 Thread count cover.  Pillow is  20″x28″ and fits Standard or Queen pillow cases.

Filling Instructions: You open the whole with the blue piece and insert the blue piece in the whole and fill the pillow with a measuring cup (1 cup at a time) until you reach your comfort level.  I started out with soft and ended up with firm.  Head here for the instructions on the mediflow page

Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow

Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow

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I received the Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow mentioned above free of charge in exchange for a product review. We are not obligated to give a positive review. We received NO financial compensation other than the product for the review. This disclosure is in accordance with Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you would like a review done contact Sandra at mediainfo@ModerndayGramma.com

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