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All I Want for Christmas is You on Blu-Ray! Narrated by Mariah Carey #Christmas2017 #AD

All I want for Christmas is you

All I Want for Christmas is You is an animated movie based on Mariah Carey’s song. Animated or not, it’s a cute movie.  That is one of my favorite songs by the way! Here’s something I didn’t know, she has a book by the same name!  That came out in 2015, guess I’ll be on the hunt for it.  Now back to the movie review.

All little Mariah wants for Christmas is a puppy, named “Princess” she saw at a pet store.  Before her wish can come true, she must first prove that she is old enough, and responsible enough to care for a puppy by pet sitting her uncle’s dog Jack. Unfortunately, Jack turns Mariah and her family’s perfect holiday preparations upside down in hilarious ways. It wasn’t exactly the Christmas she wished for…it was more than she ever wanted.

All I want for Christmas is you

This movie is narrated by Mariah Carey and she bases it off her best selling song and book. She “recalls” a childhood story in which her younger self first learned about the joys and misadventures of owning a dog. Sparkling depictions of an extended family, including distinctive grandparents and younger siblings, as well as a pesky dog’s antics (including bouts of vomiting and pooping) provide both laughs and moments of tenderness. Three of her classic Christmas songs are also integrated into the story, too. Expect a few pratfalls — tumbles in the snow and on a skating pond, characters upended by the naughty dog — but nothing scary. The movie also has something to say about expectations, responsibilities, and the notion of perfection. It’s safe and fun for all ages.

All I want for Christmas is you

I was so excited when I found that I was going to receive Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital copy to review! My daughter and I are Mariah Carey fans, especially a fan of this song and I wanted to watch the movie with my two special girls. It has a feature running time of 1 hour and 31 minutes and includes a bonus feature called A Wish Come True: Making Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

It is a cute movie to help celebrate the holiday season. I enjoyed watching it. It’s fun and entertaining and really expresses what Christmas is all about. This would make an awesome gift for a movie buff or a Mariah Carey fan. I definitely recommend it! All I Want For Christmas Is You is out on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand.

I can’t wait to watch this movie with my granddaughter.  I’m hoping maybe this upcoming weekend.  She’s sick right now, doctor said it’s not the flu, so that’s a good thing.  However, she’s running fever off and on which isn’t a good thing.

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