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Make Cooking Easier with Easy Greasy

If Mom is the family chef, why not make her cooking life easier? This problem solving kitchen tool is a must have. Easy Greasy is a made in the USA tool, invented by a mom, that lets you drain hot grease when cooking ground meat, bacon and more. It’s patented design consists of 3 heat resistant pieces, and includes a lid for the container. I received a purple one in exchange for inclusion to the Mother’s day gift guide. Thank you Michelle.

Michelle is the inventor of this clever kitchen item she calls Easy Greasy. She’s a busy working mom who like many of us got tired of struggling to strain unhealthy, messy grease from her food. We all know how much of a pain that is! It made her hate cooking food like tacos or anything greasy. So she developed this product and hopes it helps you too! There are several ideas for using Easy Greasy™, it’s also perfect for rinsing fruits and veggies, defrosting chicken breasts, draining pasta (just put it in the sink) and much more. The unit is sold at Amazon, bedbathandbeyond.com and other retailers (check out the online sites and retail stores) here. Easy Greasy is hands free, dishwasher safe and BPA free. Available in 4 colors and retails at $19.99.

The unique strainer is made so that the grease drains effectively and transfer of the meat is mess free. The home chef simply places the strainer in the container and can use both hands on the pan to pour in the meat. Lift out the strainer and the meat pours easily into it’s next destination. Once the grease cools, simply empty the grease into the garbage so grease never goes down your drain.

Product Features – Dishwasher Safe – Easy to Clean – Single Handle for easy pickup and pouring – Lightweight and Portable – Temperature Range: -10F to 260F – Cools Quickly – Long-Lasting and Durable – Pouring spout to quickly move meat or pasta out of the colander area Product Credentials – Made in the U.S.A. – 100% BPA Free – Safe for Families with Young Children.

As a product reviewer, I tend to leave what I receive to review for my kitchen out….this causes an issue at times when my best friend and neighbor comes over. LOL She saw the easy greasy the wanted to take it home with her, as her family loves fried ground meat a lot. I told her no it was mine! LOL

I love this! I’ve used it for rinsing off my fruit and for draining spaghetti. We just went to the store this weekend and bought some hamburgers, so we will be using it soon for the grease. Thanks again Michelle, this new kitchen gadget will make cooking with grease so much easier now.

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