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MailPop’s Awesome Snail Mail for Kids

mailpop snail mail

Do your kids ask you if there is anything in the mail for them? My little one does. She gets so excited to see a highlights book with her name on it 🙂 She’s 7 and is starting to know and realize different things. This is why I’m glad I found the company MailPop. They are trying hard to keep snail mail connections open between families and kids. Remember some older realatives don’t know a thing about computers and emailing or texting.

mailpop snail mail

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What is MailPop Snail Mail

MailPop is a weekly letter personally addressed to kids and delivered to their mailbox. The company will send the child a beautiful, educational letter every week. On the back of each letter is an activity sheet to keep the kids engaged and continue the fun! Each letter also includes a paper-craft 3D toy which really puts the POP in MailPop. Along with other surprises to enhance each week’s theme which kids will love to play with once they are done reading the letter. Content is powered by Encyclopedia Britannica Kids and each mailing is crafted by children’s literacy experts. Perfect for ages 5-10.

Grandparents resonate with MailPop snail mail products and the letters create a sense of attachment as the kids think about their grandparents. Kids get a letter each week. It really is a great way to connect. MailPop also sends out a weekly email to the customers, so the grandparents can stay up to date with what the kids are learning and can provide encouragement, an excuse for the grandparents to call their grandchildren.

The STEM.org Authenticated™ trustmark streamlines consumer’s ability to identify the goods and services that conform to the organization’s vetted standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality.

The below list is more about MailPop and why they believe their product is timely in today’s new world: 

  • battling miss information and that’s why they have partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica Kids.
  • Protecting the environment is part of their core values, the letters and materials are made using sustainable and recyclable materials.
  • Supporting the USPS Postal Service in a time when they need as much help as they can get.
  • A portion of MailPop’s proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations focused on underprivileged children with learning disabilities.
  • Screen Free Learning – with MailPop, children can have healthy play experiences while learning new educational themes each week.

MailPop is a great way to supplement a child’s education and its full of fun activities that kids love! Lets show our kids how much fun it can be to receive something by snail mail with this Kids Mail Subscription.

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