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Lucky Love Club T-shirts by Darcees Hope Review

I inquired about doing a review on these cute t shirts and I’m so glad she said yes!  Not only are these t shirts super cute, they are so light, that I don’t mind wearing it in 90 degree heat!  Now that’s what I call a cool t shirt! lol   I’m so excited to tell you about the Member of the Lucky Love Club t-shirts!

The Lucky Love Club was created by Darcee’s Hope and the shirts are adorable!  Do you remember those “I Love My Husband” signs? Well, these shirts remind me of that, but they actually show reasons why we think our men are so awesome!

I chose the He Loves, He Grills, He Sautes’ Tee Shirt because my husband loves to grill and he likes to cook on the stove, he’s an excellent cook!  We’ve split the cooking chores, he does the meat, I do the sides! LOL I always tell him that one of his many talents is cooking and that’s one reason I love him and now I have the shirt to show it! ♥

This is the graphic on my shirt, isn’t it so cute! There are many more to choose from to show the world why your man is awesome

Choose from:

He Loves, He Sorts, He Folds Tee Shirt
He Loves, He Wipes, He Powders Tee Shirt
He Loves, He Dusts, He Cleans Tee Shirt
He Loves, He Works, He Earns

Member Lucky Love Club is printed on the back of the shirt.

Interested in purchasing one? Go on over to Darceeshope.com and click on Member Lucky Love button. You can purchase your own Member Lucky Love Club shirt online for only $16.95 so order yours today.

Also, please check out Darcee’s Hope on Facebook and Twitter.

I just know you’ll love your T shirt as I love mine!

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  1. That tshirt looks really nice, How much per shirt? oh I will just check on the site.. Thanks for sharing! I would purchase bulk i think 😀
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