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Love Cooking Company Bakeware Makes Baking Fun!

I LOVE baking! Anyone who knows me knows when it gets to be fall/winter time, my oven is on and the recipe book is out! 🙂  I also bake here and there during the summer months, especially for birthdays and family gatherings.  I love my new Love Cooking Company Bakeware. I’ve received the Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip Pan, the Mrs. Field’s Cutie Cake pan which is perfect for making 48 bite sized cakes. And the Love Cooking Push Pan which is an alternative to a spring-form pan!

Love Cooking Company Bakeware

About Love Cooking Co.

Love Cooking Company was created to inspire more loving moments, which are made possible through their unique products that help others easily create special dishes. They recognize that every moment in the kitchen counts and created collections of unique bakeware and tools.  The Love Cooking Company Bakeware litterally makes baking a bit more fun.

Here are three amazing products that I am currently LOVING

The PushPan

Love Cooking Company Bakeware
We have a fairly big kitchen, but limited cabinet space, so I don’t really have room for different spring-form pans. Thankfully, I now have a PushPan®! The PushPan is an alternative to a spring-form pan, as it is 100% watertight and leak-proof with a patented, silicone-lined removable base. The silicone seal is so powerful that the pan doesn’t require foil wrapping or lining, even when baking a cheesecake in a water bath! The PushPan is offered exclusively through Love Cooking Co.

Mrs. Fields’ Cutie Cakes™ Pan

Love Cooking Company Bakeware
How adorable are these little cakes?! These bite sized cakes are perfect for anyone who may need help with portion control.  Baking for a party, school event or holidays and want to create cute little cakes then the Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes Pan is the right pan for you. This pan creates 48 bite-sized cakes and can also be used for savory options such as corn bread and more.

Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip™

Love Cooking Company Bakeware

Time to add some flare to your cakes with the Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip. Bake your cake in the Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip pan, let cool and then add your choice of filling; custard, fruit, compote, pudding (anything you choose) to the inner pocket of your cake, flip the non-filled cake side on top and BAM!~ you have a work of art! The cake will not only look beautiful but will surprise your guests with hidden filling. This pan is available in round and square.

I absolutely love the items I received from Love Cooking Company and I can’t wait to make more yummy Holiday treats with them!

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I highly recommend Love Cooking Company Bakeware for everyday baking! 
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