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Look 7 Years Younger and Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Tenders Recipe

Look 7 Years Younger In the New Year Now

Anyone who knows me, knows I lost 20 lbs last year, well, I gained it all back this year!  I know I lost my will power.  Anyway, I managed to fluctuate a loss between 3 & 5 lbs, and can’t seem to loose anymore than that! This is why, when I was offered the chance to do this review on the 7 Years Younger: The Anti Aging Diet Book from the Good Housekeeping Institute, I said yes.

7 years younger

I received the book just before Thanksgiving, so I didn’t have the chance to follow the diet then, but I am really trying to now.  Are you regretting all the holiday calories?  Try the 7 Years Younger Diet along with me.

They don’t call it a diet book, they call it the Anti Aging Diet plan. 7 Years Younger The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet: Lose 20 Pounds (Or More!) is a great plan for everyone who wants to live healthier and try to prevent sickness and disease.  It is estimated that more than 70% of American adults are overweight. Extra poundage opens the door to killers like heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. So, we all need to start eating healthy, nourishing foods, that can actually help us loose weight and prevent (and/or reverse) some of the signs of aging.   I know I am game for that! 😀

Read the book to find out what foods are anti Aging foods to help you shed weight and look younger. Plus, the book tells you what nutrients can defend your complexion against UV rays! Learn about foods that help prevent clots, slow the growth of plague in arteries, lowers triglyceride levels and strengthen blood vessel’s walls?

The 7 Years Younger: The Anti Aging Diet Book is not just an ordinary diet book. There is a workbook that comes with the book! Take the initial quiz to find out where you stand before you  begin.  There are sections to keep track of all of your daily actions and progress, PLUS a menu plan, shopping list, some delicious sounding recipes and tips to help you along the way!

7 years younger

About 7 Years Younger: The Anti Aging Diet Book

A seven-week diet and exercise plan to help both men and women lose weight, improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart all while nourishing the skin to reverse signs of aging. It doesn’t matter how much weight you need to drop, whether 10 pounds or 110 pounds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 30, 40, 50, or 60 years old, or whether you’re a woman or a man.

This diet contains innovative weight-loss tools that can work for anybody. Use them and you’ll achieve the dream of a thinner, firmer, and more youthful body. This plan is custom- designed to make it happen, step by easy step.

7 Years Younger Binge-Buster Recipe: Buffalo Wings

7 Years Younger

Satisfy your craving for unhealthy comfort food with this recipe from 7 Years Younger, anti-aging plan from the editors of Good Housekeeping.

Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Tenders Recipe
(7 pieces, served with celery sticks and 1/4 cup blue cheese dressing)
Original Recipe
860 calories, 70 g fat
Binge Buster Recipe
270 calories, 8 g fat
You Save 590 calories, 62 g fat

Makes one serving, or 7 pieces
5 oz chicken-breast tenders
1 tsp canola oil
1 tbsp cayenne-pepper sauce
2-3 celery sticks, cut into 4- or 5-inch sticks
1/4 cup low-fat blue-cheese dressing

Heat 1 teaspoon canola oil in small skillet; add 5 ounces chicken-breast tenders, cut into 7 strips. Cook 5 minutes. Stir in 1 tablespoon cayenne-pepper sauce. Serve with celery sticks and 1/4 cup low-fat blue-cheese dressing.

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If you would like to try this diet for yourself and look 7 years younger (and many pounds lighter) for 2014 purchase the book HERE and begin the weight-loss program and transformation. Come back and post pictures and tag your journey with hashtag #7YearsYounger2014.

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