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Adult Humor is in this LionsGate DEEP Animated DVD! #AD #Christmas2017

This movie looked like it would be similar to Finding Nemo, so I requested a free DEEP animated movie review copy so my granddaughter could have a new fish movie to enjoy. We get tired of watching the same movies over and over again! LOL

In 2100, when humanity has abandoned the earth, a colony of extravagant creatures still thrives in the deepest abyss of the ocean. Deep, an adventurous “dumbo” octopus and the last one of his kind lives there with his two unconditional friends: Evo, a nerdy and clumsy angler fish, and Alice, a neurotic deep-sea shrimp. In their mission, they will be joined by Maura a voracious moray eel and together they will travel to amazing places like the submerged city of New York, the Titanic or the Arctic, facing formidable enemies and hilarious situations. Will they be able to bring the oceans back to their former glory.

DEEP Animated

When a playful octopus named Deep gets his undersea fish colony in trouble, the tribe’s stern leader Kraken orders Deep to go find help. Joined by his splashy BFF’s – a sassy shrimp and a silly anglerfish –
Deep takes an epic, colorful journey through submerged cities and sunken ships, where they meet outrageous creatures that help the trio on its way. Throughout the adventure, Deep and his buddies laugh, sing, and bond with one another, proving that friendship can be a very deep subject. Directed by Julio Soto Gurpide.


The LionsGate DEEP Animated movie is seemingly for kids, however if you look at the details below, you will see that this movie is rated PG! It’s an adult humorous movie. Imagine my surprise when my 3 year old granddaughter got scared while watching a fish movie! I had no idea this wasn’t a G rated movie as I think animated movies are for kids, so I guess I’ll be looking at the ratings from now on.

As I stated above, this movie takes place in 2100 when the world is destroyed (viewers see storms and mountains of garbage), and a polluted ocean. Some of the jokes are surprisingly suggestive/mature, and there’s an awful lot of violence and scary stuff. My granddaughter didn’t want to watch it after the spooky fish with sharp teeth looming, threatened to eat Deep and his friends, as she rightfully so got scared! But we left it on because I know in another movie she tells you when the scary part comes up and she closes her eyes. She watched parts here and there between playing with her toys.

There’s also a part where a missile causes a lava spill which fries several sets of young, screaming fish and puts everyone Deep the octopus knows and loves in danger. There are also rude farts and butts jokes, as well as a couple of characters who make obscure jokes about sex, like when a male crab tells a female shrimp that he hates to see her leave “but loves to watch her walk away.” That, my husband got a good laugh at!

As an adult, I didn’t mind the movie, however I would have loved to know that this was NOT a movie for a toddler. It’s somewhat funny, and it’s somewhat realistic of how things can be if we don’t change how we do things in the world we are living in now. All in all I would recommend this movie for adults who like animated movies!

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DEEP Animated


Specs: Details:
Format DVD
Studio Lionsgate
Product Title Deep
Language English
Program Type Movie
Release Date 10/10/2017
Screen Format Enhanced Widescreen for 16×9 TV
Region Code 1
Sound Features Dolby Digital w/ sub-woofer channel, stereo
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Product Tags DVD
Subtitles English, Spanish
Rating PG (Adult Humor)
Run Time 92
Released 2017
Genre Action and Adventure, Adventure, Childrens and Family
Sub Genre Adventure Comedy, Animal Picture, Children’s Fantasy
Countries Produced Belgium, Spain, United States
Themes Obsessive Quests, Talking Animals
Tones Compassionate, Humorous, Poignant, Warm
Moods A World of Its Own

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