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Lifesaving Home Activities You Can Do to Save Yourself From Boredom

The pandemic has pushed everyone’s plans aside. Most states with competent governments have restrictive lock downs for most of their residents. As the vaccine slowly rolls away for the majority of the population, normalcy is still a far way to go. To date, only 5.9 million people in the United States have been vaccinated against the deadly disease virus. It is still a far way to go for the remaining 320 million other people. A few million are even adamant about taking the vaccine.

With almost little to no other activities left to do, motivation has forced us to look closely and inwardly. Every family is trapped inside their homes. There is nowhere to go in this pandemic. Most businesses are either closed or restricted in their capacity to serve. A portion of the population is already experiencing work from home burnout. With nothing but the four corners of your home to look at, it is no wonder a lot is experiencing this type of burnout.

That said, there are many things you can do to evade burning out yourself. Productive things abound for those who look hard enough for them. Here are some of the activities you can do to combat boredom while in lock down during a pandemic.


Entire Home Decorations
Pry open your creativity by doing your home decorations yourself. Is your mall-bought painting bothering you? It is no secret that most decorations you can buy at the mall are mass-produced. You might stumble upon a friend’s home with the same painting or decoration hanging on their wall. Do not fret, however! Doing your home decorations yourself can unleash your childhood creativity. Seal the entire section of your home with old newspaper and scotch tape. Start blasting paint away on said wall. Sometimes, the chaos inside each one of us must be released. Painting your entire wall will make your home yours. Save more instead of deciding to replace that old wallpaper of yours.

Floor Finishing
Have you ever cried because of how expensive home renovations can be? Have you tried asking a local contractor and finding yourself hanging up the phone because of how absurd the prices are? Wonder no more! Now that you have time, you can do the renovations with a professional with you as a hired help. No more paying for extra costs for additional labor. With the potential money you can save up, you can pay for the exotic solid hardwood flooring you have been gushing about for the past few years.

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of a livable modern house. Nobody wants to walk every day on unfurnished or patchy floors. Flooring has an unmatched literal impact on the way you live, as it is the object you feel the most of every day in your quarantine life. It also dictates the basic aesthetic and feel of your home.

Leaky Piping
A leaky kitchen pipe can release odor you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Rust in the overhead piping for your second floor can spell disaster for all the unprotected furnishings of your home when it suddenly bursts. Conducting a personal check-up on your main water pipes and drain pipes will be a lifesaver when the time comes. Having a maintenance check on all the fire extinguishers can also save your house if a fire occurs. You don’t want that line to have any blockages in the pipes when a fire suddenly breaks out.

Ceiling Mishaps
Removing the annoying paint bubbling up on your ceiling is a task you can do while in quarantine. These small paint blisters occur when the coat or film of paint does not stick properly to the ceiling. It also may be affected by heat and moisture. Gravity does its job well as well.
Repaint the entire ceiling yourself. Now that you have the time, repainting the ceiling is one of the tasks you can place on your checklist and actually finish. Instead of hiring a painter to do the painting for you, you can save a lot of money by researching painting yourself and doing them yourself. With enough practice, you can paint the ceiling the way you want it.

Improving Inside Lighting
Since you spend most of your days inside your home, improving the light fixtures inside is not a bad idea. Adding more lights and replacing old ones with more efficient and economical lights is one of the few activities you can do to improve your work from home situation. Aside from saving a few dollars because of better lights, these modern lights will greatly improve the light inside your home.

A thousand more hours may be on the way spent in lock down. By using the time inside properly and practically, you can make the most out of the pandemic.

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