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Enjoy Tea on the go with a Libre Tea Glass


I am a tea lover. Herbal tea, Green Tea, sweet tea, apple or pumpkin chai tea, sweet black tea and chamomile tea! I love to sit with my husband, watch TV and have a nice cup of tea to top off the day and relax with him.  During the day when I am on the go, I don’t have time for the nice cup!  I need a tea receptacle that will fit my lifestyle. And now I’ve discovered a great present for the on-the-go tea-lover in your life: Libre tea glasses!

Libre a Canadian company makes dual-walled tea glasses with a glass interior and a durable polycarbonate exterior that keeps tea hot yet remains cool to the touch. All the parts are BPA free, and the stainless steel filter and lid screw off for easy filling and cleaning.

Libre Libre

Appearance: It’s definitely a looker. I ordered their 14-ounce Starburst Glass Tea Infuser. It’s very sleek and sophisticated with shades of blue and green. The outer material is a durable poly, while the inside is glass.

Feel: Substantial…and this is a good thing. The glass has a bit of weight to it, which in my mind means that it’s not going to flip over or blow away if I’m outside in the park, at a ball game, etc.

Ease of Use: Anybody can use it. Can be used for HOT or ICED tea! However, If you are using the strainer function with loose tea and steaming water, please do not allow young children to do it by themselves to prevent them from burning themselves or flipping it over before it’s ready. (You can see the proper way to use it in the video at the bottom of this post.)

Versatility: Super versatile! You can use this glass year-round! Fill the bottom with citrus slices and/or seasonal fruit and herbs, then fill with cold (or hot) water for infused water on-the-go. Drinking with the strainer portion screwed on ensures that you’re not accidentally choking on a loose seed or berry if you’re grabbing a sip in a hurry.

How to use the Libre Tea Glass?

The two-part lid allows you to make tea two different ways. Put your loose leaf tea in the glass, add hot water, and allow the tea to steep. Then screw the stainless steel filter on to keep the leaves out of your mouth when you drink.

The cool thing is, is that you can still use it with bagged tea, as well. In a hurry? Simply add your tea bag(s) to the base of the cup, add your hot water, give it a few minutes for the steam to dissipate, then screw the lid on and turn the glass upside down to steep. When the tea is ready, flip it back over and unscrew both the filter and the lid to drink.. Once it’s cool enough, you can drink your tea without removing the tea bags, if you wish.

For full instructions, check out Libre Tea’s “How-To” page.



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Pick up one or more of these beautiful and practical tea glasses at Libre Tea. Prices range from $24.00-$29.00. Give the gift of a relaxing tea moment anywhere, anytime!

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