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Latest Deals is helping everyone save Money!

latest deals

Everyone who knows me knows I love a good deal just as much as I love freebies.  The number one issue is searching all over the internet to find the latest bargains, discount codes. Those of us who do this, knows how much of a pain it is when you are trying to be quick! MDG has recently found a site where you can find it all in one spot.  Latest Deals is a friendly money-saving community, featuring deals, freebies and more!
latest deals

How the site works:

You can use the search function or you can select a category.  The website has a ‘like’ function which allows you to see how popular a deal is with other users. This is useful for finding the best deals.

Latest Deals is one of the UK’s largest deal hunting communities.

People share the hottest deals, voucher codes, coupons, freebies and competitions with each other. Why is Latest Deals different you ask? Members get points and Amazon vouchers in return for their help. You get rewards for your contribution.

About Latest Deals Company

Latest Deals was founded in 2016 by Tom Church, Deepak Tailor and Tom Kelsey. It began in a Brazilian steak house when Tom Church and Deepak Tailor were complaining about how hard it was to find a good deal. At the same time, Tom Kelsey was building a website trying to solve the same problems. In 2016 they joined forces and Latest Deals was born.

How to register with Latest Deals

Sign up here using Facebook or email, and choose a username.  Everything you do on the website gives you points. On the dashboard, you can see how many points you’ve earned, how close you are to your next goal and an easy-access list of all your deals. Latest Deals has a very active Facebook Page and Facebook Group where their members share pictures and tips with each other.

The competitions section is simple to use – filter by prize, closing date or entry method. It’s free to join and all users (except brands) are welcome to share competitions. Follow your favorite users.

Deals Section: you can select a category for the deals you are searching for, e.g, Books, Fashion,Food & Drink,Health & Beauty,Kids,Technology, etc. You also have an option to ”like” the deal, share a comment or save it for later so you do not forget in case you try to find the same deal again.

Vouchers: Don’t forget to check this tab so you don’t miss out some amazing vouchers for top companies products on the website before making any orders.

Latest Deals also has Voucher finders for Amazon and Domino. Choose a category of what are you looking for and you will get the results listed on what products you can get discounts for. Also, check the amazing Micro SD UK Deals and Offers from Currys, Tesco, Maplin, Asda, Argos and more!  Increase the memory of your phone, camera or other electronic devices. Bargain hunters share the latest 128gb micro sd deals and steals found both in-store and online. Amazon, Argos, Curry’s and more. You may also be interested in their SD Card section. SanDisk, Samsung and Toshiba micro SDs.

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