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KnightWatcher iCair Monitors indoor air pollution

Do you suffer from the effects of indoor air pollution? KnightWatcher™ has developed and launched an electronic device to monitor the air quality in your homes or businesses, so you can enjoy better health and comfort.

My husband found out he has COPD a year ago and I’ve tried to do what I can to keep the house as clean as possible to help his breathing.  I’m thankful for the KnightWatcher ICAIR because it does what I can’t.  I do recommend this device.

This electronic device, called iCAIR (I see air). It alerts the user of indoor pollutants levels of CO2, total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. After connecting to your Wi-Fi, you can monitor air quality and air quality history from any internet location 24/7.

iCair smart sensor and monitoring solutions make people feel comfortable and safe from indoor air pollution. Since the launch of the iCAIR and Chameleon during the summer of 2019, many homes located in various states of the United States from California to Florida to Texas and countries in Europe are being monitored 24/7 for indoor air quality.

KnightWatcher™ is a Utah-based high tech company focused on developing and manufacturing sensors for remote applications using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular modems or long range radio as the communication method to transmit data to the user.
air pollution

Uses for the iCAIR

children’s rooms
medical clinics
public buildings
It would be helpful to also use the indoor air quality sensor in hotel rooms, vacation homes as well as basements.

About KnightWatcher iCair

Protects you and your family from the harmful effects of indoor air pollutants and smoke.
Safeguards homes, basements, vacation homes, hotel rooms, cellars.
Protects vacation homes, cabins, vehicles, and RVs from excessive hot or cold temperatures.
Monitors and detect changes in indoor air quality from any internet location.
Email or text alerts to indoor CO2 levels, total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.
Simple installation, powered by wall plugin. External battery optional.
Includes visual indicator LED lights – green for safe, yellow for questionable air quality, red for high level of pollutants.
Compact – Only 2.25” Diameter X 0.8” High
No subscription fee.
5 year warranty.
Included with order: KnightWatcher iAQ, USB Type C cable, Wall plug, and Instructions.
Check out our website for more info on indoor air pollutants.


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