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Keurig Mini Descaling is so EASY!

Keurig Mini Descaling
Apparently I am a bad Keurig owner. I get up in the morning, see my husband off to work and pop a K Cup into my Keurig! 🙂 I have had it for about a year now, and to be honest, I just never thought about the inside of the machine getting dirty. So the other day I was getting my cup of coffee and notice a good amount of water not coming out of the machine into my coffee cup! Hmmm…Ok, so after reading about Keurig Mini Descaling, I figured I needed to clean my Keurig.

Most Keurig brewers come with a sensor to alert you that a descaling is in order however, I suggest you write it on you calendar to do every 8 weeks whether it is needed or not. I need to add it to my phone calendar, I always forget stuff like this.

Keurig Mini Descaling is so easy and the benefits are enormous, watch this step by step video to learn how:

Thanks CrossCountryCafe!

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