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Kernel Seasoning Popcorn Seasoning Gift Box Review

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popcorn seasoning gift
Popcorn is something my family enjoys when we watch movies or just when we want a healthier snack than potato chips.  I was excited to find a new way of flavoring the popcorn with something different besides popcorn salt!  I contacted Kernel Season’s for a review of their popcorn seasoning and I received 2 flavored seasons “Milk Chocolate Caramel and Buffalo Wings PLUS an awesome popcorn seasoning gift box with 8 popcorn seasonings and 2 bags of popcorn!  YUM! 🙂  Their Gift boxes make really cool gifts for the popcorn lovers!

popcorn seasoning gift

Kernel Season’s was created in a college dorm room when Brian (the founder) wanted to spice up his popcorn. People began knocking at his door, asking for the special seasonings so he set out to make the perfect blend of spices. After a few years of hard work Kernel Season’s was born and his quest to rid the world of naked popcorn began. Kernel Season’s currently offers 20 unique flavors of seasonings that are great for popcorn and more!

popcorn seasoning gift

The seasons in the Popcorn Gift Box were: White Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, Caramel, Garlic and Parmesan, Nacho Cheddar, Ranch, Butter and Kettle Corn seasonings, plus 2 bags of their popcorn for review.

My husband and I first tried the Bacon Cheddar, it was a unique flavor, so my husband wanted to try it first! It was so good! Just like eating bacon and cheddar without all the calories. I ate all of my popcorn and went back for more! The next flavor my husband tried was the butter flavor, he said it was just like eating buttered popcorn!

popcorn seasoning gift

I tried the Milk Chocolate Caramel and YUM! It was like eating a milky way! I am quite fond of anything chocolate and but not caramel related, and to put both flavors on my popcorn is a real taste sensation, without a bunch of sugar…  You can also enjoy this flavor in your coffee!

Next we tried the Garlic and Parmesan seasoning, it was just as yummy! Neither of these were over powering in one flavor or the other, it was just right!

The seasoning are very easy to use. Pop your favorite kind of popcorn, sprinkle a little or a lot of seasoning, shake up the popcorn, and enjoy!  I myself like to sprinkle in between pouring the bag out into a bowl, so it’s like every piece of popcorn getting flavor and no need to shake!

If you are not a popcorn fan, you can use the flavoring on other items like veggies, baked potatoes, and pasta. Talk about YUMMY! The best part is the seasonings only have 2-5 calories per 1/2 teaspoon. So anyone on a diet can still stick to their low calories. Kernel Season’s also has recipe’s on there site for each of their flavors.

The Kernel Seasoning is a great product for popcorn or any other food item you would like to add some spice to. They offer a variety of flavors to make everyone in your house happy and are reasonably priced at just $3.99 each. (Don’t worry these do last awhile…) Kernel Season’s can be found at mass retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Winn Dixie (to name a few). You can also purchase Kernel Season’s online and get in on their discounts!
popcorn seasoning gift
This isn’t even all the flavors. Check the Kernel Season’s website for a full list of seasonings.

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  1. Yummy, These look really good. I am trying to be better about my eating habits and find I will eat popcorn more if it is seasoned. These seem like they would do the trick. Your review makes me want to try them.

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