scentsy bars

Do you like to keep your home smelling great?! My daughter and I are the same.  We both LOVE SMELLY HOUSES!  Nope I don’t mean that in a bad way.  We want our homes smelling fresh and delightful, we can’t stand to have the stinky smells that a garbage bag or cat litter will send out from time to time.   Unfortunately, it’s hard to find scents that send out a good smell that lasts! For this reason,  my daughter started selling Scentsy.   I kid you not, when I sat down with her to smell about 100 scents, I was in heaven! LOL Their Fruity, Fresh and Clean, and Spring/Summer scents are both of our favorites (like mother, like daughter 😉 ).

scentsy bars

My husband and I burn a candle just about every day, but that can get expensive, so I placed an order with my daughter and I can’t wait to get my scentsy bars in to burn the Summer Holiday scent. That smelled awesome!  I took advantage of the buy 5 get 1 free and along with the Summer Holiday, I also bought Sweet Cucumber, French Lavender, Coconut vanilla, Southern Sweet Tea and Just Breathe (this is perfect if you have asthma or any allergies). These are scents you will not find in the store.

Don’t forget to check out the Scentsy mother’s day bundles.  If you are looking for something different, I highly suggest Scentsy.  They not only offer warmers and scents, they offer bath items, kid items, items for men, cleaners for your home too! My daughter has the coconut lemongrass scented kitchen cleaner and it smelled so good!) AND they have laundry detergent.  So far I have used the Black Raspberry Vanilla scented laundry detergent and it made my clothes smell so good!


Scentsy’s policy is that your order will leave the distribution center within 10 business days, however, Scentsy does try to ship items out as soon as possible and most orders ship within 5 business days. All orders ship directly to you from Scentsy’s distribution center via UPS ground.  Some smaller orders may ship via U.S. Postal Service

Have I peeked your interested to buy Scentsy? Head on over here and place your order.

To host a party, contact your Scentsy Consultant (Tara Branighan) on Facebook.

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