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Just Go Girl Pads Review & Holiday Special Freebie

How many of you ladies have experienced a bit of urine leak after exercising? Pregnant? You may experience a bit of leakage too! My daughter did, freaked her out, but it was normal! I know this can be a bit embarrassing. Back in May I did a review for Just Go Girl pads and now they’ve asked me to update y’all on the product.

For those who do not know what the Just Go pads are, they are a light pad, which is important for a body in motion. Despite being thin, it is absorbent (awesome!), accounting quickly for the trickles that may transpire. But most importantly is their shape: a teardrop contour that offers full coverage in the front (where you need it the most), and tapers in the back. This important, because running shorts and yoga pants can be tight-fitting and the last thing you want showing is a pad bulge.

Just Go Girl

They are also changing the design of their packaging.

Just Go Girl Holiday Special:
Free retail 10-pack sample: use coupon code FREE10. Just add the 10 pack to your cart, add the coupon code and pay a $2 shipping fee.

Subscription: SAVE.
First month will be free, and then regular price will apply. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at any time during your subscription.

Since the launch of the Just Go Girl product they’ve received plenty of positive comments from their customers. Here are a few:

I LOVE these pads!! Not only are they discreet, but they amazingly hold as much as the bulky pads I was trying to wear when I worked out. Never again will I go back to those. These pads leave you confident in deadlift PRs as well as double unders, or whatever “leaky” situation you may have. The delivery was super fast and easy, and the packaging is discreet. LOVE! -Lauren V.

Dear Brooke,
Thank you SO much for such an amazing product. You have helped to address one of the most embarrassing aspects of the aging process. As a 47 “year-young” mom of three and grandparent to one, I hated the thought of giving up the one thing that I love – “Wogging”, as I like to call it! Nothing was worse than being active with my grown daughter and having to call it quits because “I wet my pants”! Yes, that was horrible! “You did what???”, she would say to me. Yep, I said it… admitted it – found the best product to address the issue, and am now “wogging happily ever-after”.
Again thank you!
Terri Lynn

Head over to Just Go Girl to order your FREE SAMPLE.

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