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Jeffery English NJ

Jeffrey English is an accomplished graphic designer from Hoboken, NJ. His focus is on providing design solutions for established brands and new startups worldwide. Graphic design has become a very popular avenue. Artist who are looking to make money and find a successful and well-paying job turn to graphic designing.

Companies are hiring graphic designers because they are realizing how important they can be to their business. The influence that graphic designers have on the business industry is only going to continue to grow. Artists who want to expand their skills and experience, should consider taking an online graphic design course. Finding the right online graphic design course can be a challenge, however, Jeffrey English NJ can help find the best one for you.


Jeffrey English is a Hoboken resident and entrepreneur. Above all, he is a distinguished graphic designer and branding expert. His studio is based in New Jersey and serves clients in the tri-state metro area including New York. The studio provides cutting-edge design solutions for various clients, including startups and already-established brands. Besides logo, business card, and website design templates, the studio does a lot of brand concept and identity projects.

Jeffrey English a Hoboken entrepreneur, attended the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he earned a degree in Graphic Design. He enjoys a powerful artistic sense and has next-level time management. Communication, and interpersonal skill are part of his working culture. Jeff believes that time management is one of the most important pieces of graphic design work. Designers are often tasked with managing multiple projects and need to be detail-oriented with the ability to interface with clients in order to get exactly what they need the first time. These skills have helped him to become an in-demand quantity in the graphic design community. They give him the ability to present and defend his ideas.
Jeffery English NJ
According to Jeffrey English, there are many ways to drive high-quality clients to your website or social media. He attributes his success to these clever ideas compiled from many years of experience, attending seminars, and reviewing courses. In this post, Jeffrey English Hoboken shares his most effective tips for having more leads in your graphic design company.

Your company logo says it all.

Sometimes creating an impressive logo is all it takes to impress a potential lead. According to Jeff English Hoboken, the company logo is usually the first “graphical” thing that your leads will see. Having a less-than-stellar logo will make them think that your graphic output won’t be much better.

Select your best five.

Jeffrey English Hoboken suggests that your portfolio should consist of your best five previous works. Each sample should be covering any sub-specialties you may have. Going back to the example of events, it is ideal to have samples for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, etc. This will help potential leads see your expertise in each sub-field. You need to continuously improve and update your portfolio, as graphic design businesses also commonly sharpen the quality of their work overtime.

More about Jeffery English

English was his favorite subject in school.. By studying historical documents and pieces of literature Jeff keeps his mind working and pushes the boundaries. Even after graduation, Jeffrey English has maintained a strong relationship with his Alma Mater.

His studio constantly takes interns from NYU as a way of giving back to the community that fostered his gift. English feels that one of his greatest accomplishments as a design professional was the publication of a table-top art book. His family and close network of friends remain a constant source of inspiration and motivation for Jeff’s creative life. When he’s not working, Jeffrey enjoys reading, playing, living in Hoboken, and traveling the world.

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