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Latte Flavored Cookies! Java Bites Review

Latte Flavored Cookies

Java Bites recently asked me to do a review on their Latte Flavored Cookies.  My husband and I love flavorful cookies and these Latte Cookies were AWESOME!  Some coffee flavored cookies have so much coffee flavor that it’s hard to like them. Java Bites are not like that. You can taste coffee, but you also taste the flavor.  I received 5 different flavored Cookies to review, white chocolate mocha, almond mocha, white chocolate vanilla latte, chocolate chip espresso, and cinnamon cappuccino.  YUMMY!!

Java Bites cookies are packaged 2 cookies to a pack with approximately 100 calories per pack (50 calories per cookie!)

Java Bites Cookies are:

  • All natural
  • No Trans Fat
  • No preservatives
  • Organic Espresso Beans
  • Made in the USA- Colorado

If you are a coffee and cookie lover, these cookies are a fantastic combination of both! I honestly can’t choose my favorite flavor. I loved them all. 2 of my favorite things are Chocolate and coffee!  I’m in heaven with them mixed 🙂 I love that Java Bites are made to be a healthier, natural cookie for adults. My husband isn’t much of a coffee fan, so these are my cookies! LOL

Latte Flavored Cookies

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