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Improving Road Safety Through Road Structure Maintenance

Countless lives are lost each year, with different causes to note. One of the leading reasons that the World Health Organization has cited is road accidents, especially for those who belong in the younger bracket (around five to 29 years of age).

Drivers should take it upon themselves to be more careful on the road. However, officials should also have the responsibility to make it a safer place for everyone involved, whether they are pedestrians or drivers. Here’s how.

Better Road Structures

Road structure is one of the major factors that can affect road safety. It has a lot of aspects, such as road width, curvature, and pavement properties. While there are standardized road dimensions to be followed, some don’t follow them due to space restrictions.

Drivers should be able to see most of the road as they drive so that they will have more time to react. Wider lane widths can assist in this manner by giving drivers a better view of their surroundings. Sharp turns should also be avoided in road design as the sudden view change provides the driver with less time to react.

Visual indicators are the best way to inform drivers about the right lane directions and width. Using thermoplastic paint from a reliable supplier in the Philippines is an excellent way to ensure that your road indicators will be noticed by drivers, no matter the weather condition.

Maintenance of Stoplights

Let’s face itdrivers left to their own devices can be selfish when it comes to the road. That’s why stoplights are essential as an unbiased traffic control signal. There will be fewer chances of accidents from drivers trying to outrace each other in intersections.

If you want the stoplight to function effectively, however, it will need to be adequately maintained. Its lights should always remain bright to be visible in both day and night. Once you’ve noticed them growing dim, make sure to have them replaced immediately.

The stoplight will also need to be appropriately timed, in conjunction with the other stoplights in the area. That will allow traffic to flow as smoothly as possible and minimize the chances of traffic jams from happening. Wider roads tend to have longer stop times as people are more likely to get careless when driving on there.

Illuminated Streets

Proper road lighting is essential not only for pedestrian safety but also for driver safety. Well-lit roads will be easier to navigate and reduce the risk of accidents. Gratuitous usage of lamp posts is not recommended, however, as it can be quite costly to maintain.

When considering the placement of lamp posts, don’t forget to take the bulb wattage into account. While higher wattages will allow larger lamppost distances, it shouldn’t be too bright to cause glare for the viewer’s eyes.

Road Signs

Road signs are one of the best ways to indicate traffic rules, provided that they aredesigned right. Otherwise, they will only serve as a distraction for the driver and increase the risk of accidents.

They should show a message that is short and easy to understand. Traffic symbols are used in this regard, which is why there is an established system to be followed when it comes to which symbol has what meaning.

Color and shape also affect the ease of sign perception. Red and yellow colors, coupled with triangle or round shapes, indicate urgent instructions alerting the driver of the road conditions ahead. Blue, rectangular signs are more relaxed, showing guidelines that should be followed as consideration for other drivers.

Paying attention to these factors will help maximize road safety as a whole. The most important factor, however, is driver discipline. Even the most ergonomic road safety measures will be rendered useless if the driver doesn’t follow them.

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