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IL Morso Chocolate Espresso Bite Review #holidaygiftguide2015

Chocolate Espresso Bite

Il Morso, which in Italian means the bite is the world’s first “real food” espresso that is edible to give you the same kick from your morning coffee – in just one delicious chocolate espresso bite. Made with 3-5 ingredients, including organic espresso beans, cocoa butter, and cane sugar. Each is 100% organic, fair, and farm traceable. It’s made from simple whole foods, not harsh chemical extracts.

Chocolate Espresso Bite
il Morso squares can be eaten like a piece of chocolate while enjoying the added energy boost of coffee or tea.  The idea for Il Morso came at a cafe in Milan when one founder’s espresso arrived with a pastille of dark chocolate. Instructed by the server to submerge the chocolate in the espresso, the result was nothing short of magnificent. After returning to Oakland, the il Morso founders explored different ways to recreate the experience. What emerged is il Morso.

I was offered a review of the Il Morso Edible Espresso Chocolates and I have to say, it’s something I wasn’t quite use to eating but it was pretty good! My favorite is the Green Tea flavored.

There are three different little bites in their current line: Americano, Coffee & Cream and Mocha. They also make a Matcha version with green tea instead of coffee. They use organic ingredients, no emulsifiers and pure cane sugar.

Chocolate Espresso Bite

Americano Coffee Bar, the most intense coffee bar they make, has about 18 mg of caffeine and 20 calories. There’s no milk, and plenty of fat from the cocoa butter (not a bad thing). It’s woodsy and deep with toffee and charcoal notes. The bite is easy, this is very similar in texture to a chocolate bar.

Chocolate Espresso Bite

Coffee & Cream Bar comes in at 16 mg of caffeine and 25 calories. This one contains milk powder in addition to the coffee, cocoa butter and sugar. This is a very intensely coffee, but the milk is there to bring a more mild note to the bar without adding more sugar.  This flavor does not smell as strongly of coffeeas the Americano. It tastes, though, really much the same. The bitterness, the sort of acidic note of strong coffee, that’s all there, but it’s just slightly milder. It’s also smoother and has a lighter finish to it.

Chocolate Espresso Bite

The Mocha Bar is the same as Coffee & Cream with the addition of some 70% chocolate. This is fully a coffee bar with chocolate in there. This one comes in with only 15 calories and 14 mg of caffeine.  This bar is absolutely the smoothest. It’s also the least sweet and the least bitter of the three bars, but no less rounded with the toffee and roasted notes. The chocolate is a smooth background with a hint of brownies and bananas.

Chocolate Espresso Bite
The Matcha Tea Bar {My Favorite} is their only TEA barThis one has four ingredients: matcha, cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar. It’s also 20 calories but has only 7 mg of caffeine.  It’s quite green, has a smooth texture and smells like grass clippings, pistachios, jasmine and tea.

The packaging has a lot of information packed on to the little squares, which is great! There’s no mention of nuts or other allergens on the packaging.

Gift Ideas for IL Morso:
Include Il Morso bites in a travel pack for employees.
Add them to a gift bag for bridal parties
Use them as an adult Stocking Stuffer
Wedding Favors

IL Morso has offered a giveaway for a T-Shirt and a 40 count package of Edible Espresso ($ 59.99+ Value)! Be sure to enter!

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