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How to Store Wrapping Paper Supplies

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How to Store Wrapping Paper

How to Store Wrapping Paper

The proper way to keep wrapping paper neat and free of tears and creases is by either cutting an empty toilet paper roll or an empty cardboard wrapping-paper tube lengthwise. Then put your rolled-up wrapping paper inside the tube. When you’re ready to use it again, let the free end of the wrapping paper hang from the tube’s slit opening. PRESTO! Your improvised wrapper dispenser lets you release the paper and prevents it from unraveling.

I have my wrapping paper stored inside a long Dollar Tree bag!  This way they are all together in one area and all I have to do is pull the bag out.  Other wrapping paper that wasn’t enough to keep on the roll, I folded and stored inside a box.  These pieces are perfect for cutting to wrap small presents.


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