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How to Shop for Dietary Restricted Groceries and Save Money

Dietary Restricted Groceries

My husband, sister and daughter all have Dietary Restricted Diets, so I wrote this post to help others learn how to Shop for Dietary Restricted Groceries and Still Save Money

My sister is Diabetic, My daughter has GERD and My husband has high Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure so I need to watch Sodium and Cholesterol on labels.
Now you all know what my suggestion is to anyone who wants to be frugal is to start clipping and printing coupons to save on your groceries! The same suggestion goes to anyone who has a dietary restriction, but find it hard to save on their groceries. Yes I know you are thinking “but that’s crazy some of these products are expensive”………..just read on and you’ll see how to save money on Dietary Restricted Groceries, where you can save and what you can save on. You can also read up on What you should Never Pay Retail prices for

1). Learn how to work the deals at the drug stores for body wash, deodorant, make up, paper products, toothpaste, and MORE! If there is a CVS in your area but aren’t sure how to coupon shop with their deals and Extra Care Bucks, read our CVS 101 posts. If you learn how to work the CVS and ECB deals or other drug store deals, it will help you bring your grocery costs down! Be sure to check out our CVS Deals

2) Walmart and Target are 2 inexpensive stores compared to Winn Dixie (in Louisiana). So I shop Walmart for all my deals. When I can get to Target, I grab their deals too! Both stores price match store sales in your area. You don’t have to go from store to store to grab the deals!
2a) Using a coupon at Walmart will get you a free or close to free item and Walmart also offers you an overage on coupons! (If you have an item that is $3 and the coupon is for $3 off, it’s free! If you have a coupon for $2 off and the item is $1 you get $1 back! which is called an overage.)
2b) At Target you can stack a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon and a Target Cartwheel Coupon (a smartphone app), and score the item for next to nothing!

3) If you have a Dollar Store in your area, bring your coupons with you. You never know what you may find there. My dollar store is getting Progresso Soups and a few other real good food items.  Be sure to read the Dollar Tree Coupon policy

3) If you have a specific company you like, write to them and tell them how much you like their product. Most companies do respond by sending coupons. You can also write and ask if the company has a newsletter you can sign up for so you can receive coupons their coupons.

4) Shop Amazon!
Did you know if you have dietary restrictions, you can purchase some food on Amazon! I personally find it amazing how much they actually have that you probably won’t find in any store! Vegan Foods, Diabetic Foods, Gluten FREE foods , Diet Foods, I’m considering the Vegan Black Bean with Lime soup! That just sounds so good! YUM!

To check the best value on Amazon, take the quantity and divide by the price to get the single price and compare it to the price in the store. Amazon does provide free shipping on some items if you spend $35 or more!

If you are on a Gluten FREE diet you may also want to check out these companies:

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