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How to Reuse your Toilet Paper Rolls

Are you conscious about the environment? A lot of people are getting more and more conscious about it, with global warming that seems to get worse every day. This makes people want to reuse and recycle most of the things they use in their homes so they can minimize the trash that they are throwing away.

There are many ways you can use materials in your home, but make sure to use biodegradable garbage bags, foam adhesives and strips, and eco-friendly boxes and storage materials to keep everything in place. Here are some easy ways to reuse old toilet rolls.

1. Use it to Store your Wrapping Paper

If you have got lots of wrapping paper for your crafting projects, then you can use your used toilet rolls to store and organize them. Cut a slit to the top on one side of your toilet paper roll and then slide the resulting cuff over the wrapping paper.This will help you keep your wrapping paper organized so you would not have to search for it every time you need it. This will also prevent it from getting wrinkled, which can ruin the quality of your crafting projects.

2. Keep your Kid’s Artwork with it

If your kid loves doodling, but you have no idea how to store those beautiful masterpieces of theirs, then go ahead and use your used toilet paper rolls to store them. Roll your kid’s artwork and insert it inside the roll to keep it from tearing.You can then take a clean basket and put all of your child’s artwork inside. You can proceed to label each one by date, which will allow you to quickly identify when they were created and walk down memory lane if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.

3. Repurpose it

If you are more on the crafty and creative side, then you would want to try and repurpose your toilet paper rolls. You can try unfolding it to make it a nice gift box this Christmas. You can then draw something on it to make it look more personalized. You don’t even have to use a gift wrap for this, as the roll can act as a gift wrap itself.

You can also try your hand at creating a jewelry box out of these toilet paper rolls and decorate them with chalk, markers, tapes, and beads. You can keep it for yourself or give it to someone special for the holidays.

You’d be surprised of how adorable a turkey, Santa, Snowman or even Rudolph looks made out of tissue paper rolls! There are so many ideas!

4. Use it to Organize your Cords

This is not exactly something that you can apply to a crafting project, but it is undeniably useful when it comes to dealing with pesky glue guns and charger cords. Wrap the charger or cord in the roll and keep it that way. This way, you can avoid tripping over your cords and prevent them from tangling up.

You can also create some labels or notes to remind you which cords, extensions, or chargers belong to what. This will help you in quickly identifying them, saving you the hassle of going through each one.

Aside from helping save the planet, you will also get to save a lot of time and money if you try and repurpose some of your trash.

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