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How to Pull off a DIY Roof Cleaning Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a disgusting but necessary task. It’s time to clean your gutters once the leaves have all fallen and winter has passed. It’s worth inspecting your gutters for any debris that may have collected throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Cleaning gutters isn’t exactly a walk in the park or a fun-filled activity to look forward to, but someone, unfortunately, has to do the job. Before you begin to clean your gutters, you need to have a few tools on hand:

  • Safety equipment that includes rubber gloves, glasses, and shoes that can get wet
  • A ladder tall enough to reach up to your roof.
  • Cleaning supplies such as a trowel, a water hose, and gutter cleaner
  • To be on the safe side, have a manlift equipment rental help you reach the top of your house without risking your life or getting hurt.

You will need rubber gloves, safety glasses or goggles, shoes that can get wet. Ladders that can reach onto your roof—one for the gutter cleaners to hold onto and a trowel for scooping out debris such as branches, leaves, seedpods, and pine needles. And you might want to consider getting gutter cleaner to help remove greasy dirt and grime that builds up in gutters over time.

Gutters are the parts of your home’s exterior that collect rainwater, and they channel it down to one or more drainage points on your property. Gutters come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. For example, if you’re in a place where heavy rains are common, you want gutter guards installed to avoid overflow damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping. However, most people typically use gutters to channel water away from the exterior of their house and into a nearby drainage area such as a flower garden, vegetable patch, lawn, trees—or even down a hillside.

Gutter cleaning is essential for several reasons, including safety, aesthetic reasons, and functionality reasons (preventing water overflow that can cause foundation damage).

While you don’t need to clean your gutters very frequently, it is essential to do so at least once every spring.

Here are the steps in cleaning your gutters:

Step 1: Safety first. When cleaning your gutters, you will be using a ladder as part of the process. And ladders can be pretty dangerous if they aren’t used properly and carefully. So, before you get started with gutter cleaning, always make sure to do the following.

  • Test the ladder to ensure it is steady and stable. Make sure you have non-slip shoes on before climbing the said ladder.

Step 2: Prepare for gutter cleaning. When cleaning your gutters, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from getting dirty. Also, wear safety goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes from debris that may fall.

Step 3: To clean the gutters, you will need to do the following:

  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves and safety goggles and climb up your ladder.
  • Use a trowel or other tool to scoop out the debris from the gutter. It is best to work on one section of the gutter before moving on to another. 
  • Use the trowel to scrape out any clumps, leaves, or other debris stuck in the gutters. Remember, you can probably avoid this part if you choose to buy gutter cleaner, which has ingredients like bleach that break down the clumps and leaves.
  • Rinse away the debris with a hose attached to your home’s exterior spigot (turn on the water, but keep it at low pressure).
  • Repeat this process until you’ve cleaned all of the gutters on your home’s exterior.
  • Let any excess water collected in the gutter drain out (or just let it dry out). 
  • If you want to clean your gutters more often than once every spring, then it might be wise for you to invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards are like screens that prevent debris from getting into your gutters in the first place, which reduces the amount of maintenance you need to do.

Step 4: Don’t forget about your downspouts. The last part is that it’s always a good idea to clean the downspouts, as well. Why? Well, the downspouts help divert excess rainwater away from your foundation. If you don’t clean them, water might build up next to your foundation and cause problems over time.

To clean your downspouts, follow the same process you did for cleaning your gutters. Note: If the downspout is blocked, use your trowel to scrape away the debris blocking it.

Step 5: Finish the job. Don’t forget to turn off your hose spigot. Make sure your ladders are safely out of the way.

Cleaning gutters can be a dirty, time-consuming task. But it’s worth the effort to make sure your home is healthy and safe for you and your family. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend inspecting your gutters today. If necessary, clean them out before spring arrives. Spring brings rain and more leaves that will fall off trees.

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