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How To Honor A Loved One

This time is unlike anything else that I’ve ever experienced. People are getting sick, so many of us are staying home, some have lost jobs, and others are having to mourn their loved ones…without being able to have a funeral or see them before they pass away. It’s really all unfortunate and it is definitely tugging at my heart strings.

If you are one of the people who have had a loved one pass away during this wild time, my heart goes out to you and I am thinking of and praying for your entire family. I just cannot imagine. One thing I know to be true, however, is that you need to celebrate and honor your loved one…even if you cannot currently have a funeral. If you are currently in this situation, you are probably caught off guard and you are overwhelmed. You more than likely have no idea how to honor a loved one of your own and you do not even know where to start.

That’s why I want to help you. Today, I’m sharing a few ways that you can honor your loved one, if you are not able to have a funeral:

Host A Small Gathering
If you are able to, host a small gathering. Obviously, we have some restrictions right now, but 10 people or less is doable. If you do not even feel comfortable with that, which I do not blame you one bit, then consider hosting a virtual gathering via Zoom. This way, you can include everyone important to that special person without having to worry about potential illness (always a great thing!). This coronavirus scare will end eventually and when it finally does, you can throw a real gathering to celebrate your loved ones life, but in the meantime, stick with a small group or virtual gathering.

Keep Your Plans
If you made plans with your loved one, keep them. If you made a commitment, follow through. Achieving something or working towards something that you discussed with that person is the best way that you can honor them and you will feel so accomplished when you hit that goal!

Create A Permanent Memorial
You will more than likely be able to get a grave site or other meaningful place for visiting their loved one eventually, but in the meantime, you should create a memorial. In fact, this can be beneficial even after you have an official place of rest for your loved one. If there is no tombstone or place of scattering for the ashes, you can create your own place to visit your deceased loved one.

A memorial plaque can give you a place to return to in order to pay your respects, while also publicly showing your love for the deceased person. You can also visit any place that was meaningful to you and your loved one, such as where you met. If you are looking for a plaque to honor your loved one, consider East Point Foundry. They offer customizable bronze and aluminum plaques that are hand made at their 100% American-run foundry.

Since 1948, their plaques have stood the test of time. They have honored those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service, no matter if that was a fallen hero, a cause, a special person, or a government achievement. East Point Foundry is ready to create a timeless masterpiece for you, so that you have a special plaque to help you pay your respects and remember your loved one by.

Lean On Those Close To You
Typically, when a loved one dies, you have a huge support group behind you bringing you meals, lending a shoulder to cry on, and picking you up from the floor. Right now, that’s just not practical, so you need to make sure that you are leaning on those close to you – those who are sheltering with you. Stick together as a group and you will get this. Remember: it is never a bad thing to consider counseling, as well. This is a very hard time and your mental health is extremely important!

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