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How To Help Your Family Move

Do you have family members who are planning a move? If so, there are so many things that you can do to help them during this time. Even something as simple as watching the kids for them, making them meals, or helping them pack will let them have more of a stress-free move. Here are some of my best tips when it comes to helping your family (or friends) move:

Help Pack

If your family needs help packing, be there for them. This is one of the most frustrating things ever because it is so time consuming. Allow them to declutter room by room and once they are finished with each room, they can go to the next while you pack up the first. If they have kids, have them help you out by wrapping everything with bubble wrap before you pack it away in the box.

Sit Back

As a grandma, sometimes you know how things need to be done. But, keep in mind that you know how things need to be done FOR YOU. I definitely understand how hard it can be to sit back, not show people how to do it your way, or not do it yourself, but keep in mind that this is not your move. Let your children learn, just as you always have in the past. If you notice that they are getting very frustrated, however, you can sit back while still doing something about it by hiring a moving company! Atlanta Peach Movers is the most experienced moving company in Georgia. They do long distance moving Atlanta, packing, apartment moves, commercial moves, moving for seniors, and more. They say that they do not just show up at the door on moving day. Instead, they offer many other services to those who need it, such as packing your dishes, storing your extra furniture in their secure on-site storage facility, and so much more. 

Atlanta Peach Movers provides a fair, fixed quote for the move after providing them with your specific needs. You will have no hidden fees or unwanted surprises on moving day — the price that they quote is the price that you will pay. Seriously, sit back and relax while Atlanta Peach Movers does all of the work for you/for your family. They are fully licensed and insured, all of their movers are background and drug tested, and they are all employees – not freelancers! This is extremely important when it comes to having a safe, trustworthy, and consistent experience. So, if you are wanting to sit back and enjoy the experience + allow your family members to enjoy it, contact Atlanta Peach Movers today.

Cook Some Good-For-You Meals

Moving takes it all out of you. If you are helping your family move, help by preparing them some food – specifically food that is good for them. It’s easy to eat on-the-go during a move which typically means junk food and fast food, but if you are there to help them, they can stay on track with their health goals while moving at the same time. Even if you just make them sandwiches or soup for the road, I am sure that they will be very grateful. Plus, who wants to get a new kitchen immediately dirty?! Not me!

Clean The New House

When moving, one of the most dreaded parts is having to clean your old house and then having to clean your new home. Instead of making your family clean both, if you have time to help out, help them by cleaning either the old or the new home. Do keep in mind that both will more than likely have to be deep cleaned, so do not be ashamed to admit when you do not want to do it. Instead, maybe consider hiring them a cleaning service for one or both homes? If that were me, that would be greatly appreciated!

There you have it – just a few ways that you can help your family members or friends move. Do you have any other tips? I would love to hear them!

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