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Creating a home can be easy. Go to your closest Walmart and load up on .99 cent art, right? Well, for me it’s a bit different. I strive to create not only a home with ‘cute’ and ‘on-trend’ decor, but also a home that is meaningful. You might be wondering what this means and if you are, let me explain. Instead of filling my home with pointless items, I really concentrate on what reminds me of important things and things that make me happy. For example, I could have a picture of just any sunset purchased from a store. Yes, it’s pretty, but it doesn’t have much (or any) meaning to me. If I trade out that picture of a random sunset to a sunset picture that I took, it changes everything! Let’s say that I took the picture on the last day of a family trip… Now, everytime I look at that picture, I will remember the family trip and all of those amazing memories are brought to the surface again. If you are interested in creating a meaningful home and a home you love, I have given you a few suggestions and tips below to get you started!

Get your family involved

Think about the people you live with. If you have kids, you might want to add some of their special artwork around the house. If you have a significant other, make sure you consider what they want, as well. The home should be meaningful to everyone that lives in it and not just yourself.

Share your home with family and friends

No matter how ‘done’ your home is, make sure you share it with your family and friends! Host cookouts, summer parties and Christmas get togethers because when it comes down to it, what is the point in creating a meaningful home that you love if you do not get the chance to showcase it?! Afterall, when it comes down to it, isn’t life all about having fun with the ones that you love? Go ahead and host a get-together!

Incorporate meaningful decor

Incorporating meaningful decor is the easiest (and best in my opinion) way to create a meaningful home. The example I used above with the sunset picture is so true. If you have things that remind you of great memories, your home will always be happy. Here are a few ways I incorporate meaningful decor in my home:

Family artwork – artwork is a fantastic option that is special because it is passed down from generation to generation. It is also beautiful!

Decor from trips – this is also a great decor option because it reminds you of good times! You can frame pictures you took, or you can bring home souvenirs that also double as decor. For example, if you go to Italy, grab a hand blown glass pitcher. This is useful and meaningful, but it also doubles as decor.

Pictures with motivation words – this can be a good option because they are so positive and help create a happy home!

Decor items that also double as entertainment – a great thing to add into your home is entertainment that also doubles as decor items. For example, a pool table is a great example of this. If you get a nice one, it’s basically an art piece (they are so beautiful!!) and you can also host many game nights, parties, and family time around the table. It is a great addition to any home! If you are struggling when it comes to finding a good table, fear not – I can help you. I highly recommend checking out Absolute Billiard Services because they sell pool tables Atlanta and also provide services that can help you maintain that pool table, as well. Adding a pool table into your home is a great way to keep in meaningful because this gives you more time with family and friends. Absolute Billiard Services is a full-service billiard company focused on providing master-quality work matched with exceptional customer service. They bring over seventeen years of dedicated experience to the Georgia area and over the years, they have become better known as Atlanta’s billiard company for residential, commercial, moving, and services. They are a great company when it comes to any questions you have about pool tables, as well.


Be able to do what you love

Creating a home that is meaningful is not just about the decor and what you put in it! Make sure you create the space you need, as well. If you love to work out in your home, make sure to have a space available for it! If you need a home office, make sure that is a priority. Whatever you need or want, make sure to make the space for it over some things that are typical “musts” to others.


Take it slow

I’m sure you know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s the same for building a meaningful house – it definitely isn’t built in a day. Take your time and don’t rush, making sure you get everything you really want and do not just purchase filler items. Also, definitely keep in mind that as you age, your taste will definitely change, so make sure the items you choose are not just because of a trend.


Do you strive to create a meaningful home? What tips do you have?

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