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Freebie Hunting How to Avoid Email Overload (the Gotchas)

If you are new to searching freebies, here are a few ways to avoid email overload (the Gotchas). When manufacturers and retailers give something away, we think it’s because they are being nice! Yes it is nice, however, they are getting something in return—usually your contact info, which they’ll use to try to persuade you to buy from them in the future. And, of course, they might share your data with their business partners.

Freebie Hunting How to Avoid Email Overload

Do the following and you should be good to go with freebie hunting!

Create a new e-mail account. Use it specifically for freebies to prevent overload on your regular e-mail. We don’t get inundated with spam, though we receive a few newsletters we hadn’t signed up for.

Opt out of mailings. Usually it’s presented as an option.

Fudge your personal info. Many offers request names and birth dates. Make up something so that your identity remains private.

A little reminder
ALL freebies listed have been checked out by myself and I have ordered several if not all of them.
If for some reason any of the links are not clickable, please copy and paste them into your browsers address bar.
If you are asked on a form where you heard about the freebie, please say a friend told you. {Some companies will not send you their freebie if you tell them a freebie group/site}

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