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Homemade Soda vs Store Bought

Which costs more; homemade soda or store bought soda?

When you want to drink soda, is it homemade soda or do you head to the store to buy it? Well, it depends on if you are an avid soda drinker or if you are a dedicated to water drinker. There are several differences to consider when trying to decipher if homemade soda is actually saving you money.

Obviously, if you rarely drink soda, these facts are strictly informative. However, if you drink a lot of carbonated soda, thoroughly compare the following for the best deal on soda. To keep these calculations simple, let us assume we drink a liter of soda a day.

Home Soda

The first thought that may come to mind is the financial cost. Whenever I plan on purchasing anything, I need to know what it will cost me down to the exact cent. According to sodamakerclub.com, a liter of generic soda tends to cost $0.40 per liter and for $ 0.10 more cents, you can get a liter of name brand soda. In contrast, when you purchase a in home soda maker such as SodaStream, you run into the costs of the CO2 can and the soda syrup bottles. That totals to around $0.64 cents per liter of soda. It appears that making that trip to Walmart for a case of your favorite soda may be worth it after all. Or is it?

Consider that there are ways to lower the cost of the carbonation cylinders, though unconventional. There are ways nonetheless. If you do not mind turning your kitchen into a Mcdonald’s like soda dispenser or taking up all of your under counter space, some people find that ordering an adapter from websites like Amazon allows you to buy cheaper CO2 from places other than the company that produces your at home soda maker. By the way, using snow cone syrup instead of the soda syrup is often cheaper. The cost of your soda will cut to $0.15 cents per liter. Hmmm. This is turning into a challenge against commercial soda producers that may be exciting to figure out.

Home Soda

Okay, the dollar amount has been calculated. How much will each store bought soda liter cost you health wise in comparison to homemade soda? Abcnews.go.com advises that soda syrups sold by homemade soda makers such as Sodastream still include a hefty amount of either regular sugar, sucralose, or high fructose corn syrup. Therefore, you are still putting your health at risk whether it’s a liter of soda at home or from the store.

However, there is a way around this setback. Embrace your creativity and use your at home soda maker to create seltzer water. Use ingredients from home such as ginger or fresh orange or lemon juice, plus a simple syrup (sugar and water mix) to create a refreshing and sweet bubbly drink. In doing this, you have control over what kind of sugar, and how much sugar. You also avoid additives in your beverage.

Don’t forget to take into account the start-up cost of an at home soda maker. When you buy soda at the store, there is no start up cost.  According to Amazon, a Soda Stream machine will cost about $50.00 without the carbonation. If you want to allow carbonation, use of a cheaper carbonation adapter and replace the soda syrup with either snow cone syrup or natural ingredients from home, the total cost of a liter of soda per day including the cost of the machine itself would be $1.81, but then it would drop back down to $0.15 after the machine is paid for.

In comparison to purchasing a case of liter sized soda bottles from Amazon.com . All in all, for the price and control you have over the ingredients you are consuming and the convenience of making your soda right at home, an in home soda maker seems to be a way better deal than store bought beverages.

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