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2020 is on it’s way out, but before we can say Adios to this year, we have to say HELLO to Santa Claus, and Christmas Gifts. 🙂 A Modern Grandma is now accepting gift guide submissions for our holiday gift guide 2020. Submissions will be accepted through December 4th and received by December 11th. Let us feature YOU in our Holiday Gift Guide!

holiday gift guide 2020

A Modern Grandma has over 21000 total readers between social media and blog readers.  Gift Guide and posts are shared to Social Media. All submissions of $25 or more will get at least one social media post. Anything under $25 will receive a social media shout out!!

Gift guides were one of the highest viewed events of the year at Modern Day Gramma! I love being able to show my readers the hottest new products.  Got an item that may fit? Please contact me at (guideinfo@athomemoderngrandma.com) so we can discuss working together.
Let’s make your brand/product a name the holiday shoppers won’t forget.

I am looking for gifts for:

  • Grandparents
  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids (6+)
  • Pets (Dogs/Cats)
  • Stocking Stuffers For Kids (6+), Women and Men


Gift guide inclusion is free if you send me product for consideration. We only accept full-size, non-returnable products. Please understand that this product is my compensation for my time. If you prefer not to send product, I do charge a fee for inclusion. Products must be received no later than December 11th. Items received after Dec 11th may or may not make it to the gift guide.

Gift guide will include an excerpt you send of the product.  A Picture of the product and my opinion.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 to include:

To recap, at minimum I’ll need:

  • The product you would like me to include (or pre-arranged payment for inclusion without product)
  • An image of said product
  • Any discounts that you would like my readers to know about (you can email me throughout the season and I’ll update the discount info as needed)
  • The best link to use in the Buy Now button.

Contact me with any questions or Holiday Gift Guide 2020 Ideas at guideinfo@athomemoderngrandma.com

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