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Herr’s Chips has Unique Flavors and are Delicious

Are you looking for some unique flavored chips? You need to head to Herr’s and select your box. Their boxes are all priced between $21 and $48. Perfect for families, nostalgia lovers and snack lovers of all ages.

Herr’s Chips Uniquely Flavored and Very Tasty

Herr’s is the nation’s only family-owned and privately-owned major snack company in the US, and will celebrate its 75th anniversary in early 2021. Herr’s makes more than 300 popular snack products from its home in rural southeastern Pennsylvania. I’m sure you have seen these chips in your favorite store. I think I’ve tried every flavor my local stores have had. HERR’S Chips are a favorite for sure!

herrs chips unique flavored chips

* A retro-style tin. Use for storage.
HERR’S Replica of the famous Herr’s® Delivery Truck filled with 42 single serve assortment of snacks (18″ x 9.5″ x 12.5″) – $30.00 
* Fun replica of a classic Herr’s snack delivery truck. Play with it after the snacks are gone

Herrs Chips Unique Flavored chips
HERR’S 3.5 gallon, reusable RETRO TIN filled with assorted chips or snacks -$26.00

I love receiving unique fun gifts like this. I never run out of snacks 😉 What kind of food gifts do you like to receive? Chips especially unique flavored chips are my go to for some TV shows, of course I safe the popcorn for Movies ;).

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